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Intercession Convent was founded by Grand Princess Olexandra Petrovna in 1889 in the picturesque area known as Kudriavtsi. In 1888 she bought a plot of land in Lukianovka for the future convent. Previously, there was a large garden here that was visited by the hieroschemamonk Theophilus. Long before the creation of the convent, he foretold the holiness of this place.

At the order of the Grand Princess, in 1889 the architect V. Nikolaiev built the convent settlement in the Russian style: the Intercession Church with the cells, the hospital with a separate church, the church school for girls, the shelter for blind and incurably-ill patients, the orphanage, and pharmacy with free distribution of medications. The same year Olexandra moved to the cell and settled there for long.

After moving to the convent, Olexandra Petrovna was healed thanks to the Eastern Orthodox icon of the Virgin Mary “Theotokos of Pochaiv”. She accepted a miracle as a sign of the right way of further living which she had chosen. The same year the Grand Princess secretly became a nun and did not put off the nun’s dress till the end of her life.

Healthcare facilities attached to the convent were provided with the modern equipment and thousands of people from all over the county could receive a qualified medical care. It was there that the X-ray apparatus was installed for the first time in Kyiv. Moreover, the best medical workers in Kyiv were among the medical stuff who worked there.

In 1896 – 1911 St. Nicholas’s Cathedral was built in the convent. It became the biggest temple in Kyiv. The Cathedral had fifteen domes and included the upper temple and the lower church in honour of the icon of the Blessed Virgin “Life-Giving Spring”. As the World War I began, the interior paintings were made by artists from Pochaivska Lavra only in 1980.

In 1923 – 1941 the convent was closed, a working settlement was organized within its territory. The disfigured temples were also used as nursery, archives and printery.

In October 1941 the monastic life of the convent was restored. During the Nazi occupation an ambulant clinic was operating here. The nuns secretly helped the Kyiv residents avoid being sent to labour camps. After the liberation of Kyiv a hospital was opened for the injured soldiers.

After the end of the war the third part of the convent continued to function. The other parts were transferred to the other organizations.

Now it belongs to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate). The Intercession Church was restored in 1989 – 1990. The domes of St. Nicholas’s Cathedral were reconstructed in 2006 – 2008.





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