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St. Andrew's Church


Kyiv, 23 Andrew's Descent Street


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St. Andrew’s Church is a monument of universal importance and a gem of the Baroque architectural heritage.

The church was erected in the middle of the 18th c. upon the project of the outstanding architect F.-B. Rastrelli. The construction works were guided by architect I. Michurin. The best Ukrainian, Russian and foreign craftsmen were involved in the construction of the church.

Five-domed composition, which crowns the building, consists of a large central dome and four small decorative domes. The church is decorated with columns of Ionic and Corinthian orders, double pilasters, cornices of complex profile, gilt stucco, cast-iron and copper decor.

The interior of the church is a single space without pillars, in which cruciform plan of the building is clearly visible. The walls are divided architecturally by pilasters, cornices, semicircular windows and lucarnes. Being harmonically combined and complementing each other such kinds of art as architecture, stucco moulding, carving and painting form an integral ensemble of the interior.

In the transept of St. Andrew’s Church there are two paintings of the 19th c., which reproduce annalistic stories about the spread of Christianity in the territory of Kyivan Rus.

Considering the exceptional historical, architectural and artistic value of the monument, in 1968 a museum was established in St. Andrew’s Church. At present, it is part of the National Conservational Area “St. Sophia of Kyiv”.

The museum “St. Andrew’s Church” gained the world significance. It is visited by hundred thousands of tourists a year. The St. Andrew’s Church attracts them not only as a masterpiece of Baroque architecture, but also as a concert hall, where not only music groups of Kyiv, but of the far and the near abroad are performing. Chamber music concerts have been conducted in the St. Andrew’s Church from the end of the 1970s.

Today, the Word of God is also sounded in the St. Andrew’s Church. It was given the permission for conducting in it the divine services of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church.

The St. Andrew’s Church doors are opened for everyone, who comes here to admire this masterpiece, to enjoy musical concerts, to bow to eternity, beauty, harmony and to purify one’s soul.





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