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St. Pantaleon's Convent


Kyiv, 19 Akademika Lebedieva Street


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Convent of St. Pantaleon (Theophania) is located in the area called Theophania on the southern outskirts of Kyiv. The convent was constructed at the beginning of XX c. due to many religious believers who came to Kyiv to pray in the memory of St. Pantaleon. Later the convent was named in his honour.

St. Pantaleon’s Cathedral, the convents’ main place of worship, was built by the architect Yevheniy Yermakov in 1904 – 1914. In the 1920s the cathedral was closed and devastated. For some time there was an orphanage there. In the summer of 1941 during the defensive battles of Kyiv, the cathedral was destroyed by mortar attack. But in the 1990s, the cathedral of St. Pantaleon was restored and returned to the faithful. A hermitage attached to the Intercession Monastery was organized here. Since 2002, it is an independent convent of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Besides the cathedral, the Church of All Saints was preserved in the monastery’s territory. It was constructed in 1866 – 1867 and restored in 2006. The former hotel (1908 – 1909) also stood the test of time. Today, it is under monastic cells. During the Soviet times this very building housed a laboratory of the Institute of Electrical Engineering headed by Academician S. Lebedev. It was here that “MESM”, the first computer in the USSR, was invented in 1950 – 1951.

Moreover, there are springs in the woods near the convent which used to be famous for the springs’ healing water. At present, the hermitage has a nice contemporary look. It is particularly true for the cells which don’t look as ordinary cells. Near the convent there is Feofania (Theophania) Park covering the territory of 152 ha.





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