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The Kievan Rus

Would you like to find yourself in a majestic medieval city – Ancient Kyiv? If you want to make your dream come true, you only need to drive to the south of Kyiv. There you will find the Kievan Rus Park – a unique reconstruction of the heart of the mighty medieval empire in its real scale 1:1. The park covers the area of 10 hectares.

Historical and cultural festivals, which are annually carried out in the Park, transport its visitors back to the different periods of the Middle Ages – from 9th till 15th centuries. Historical reconstruction clubs from Ukraine, Russia, Belorussia, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Moldova and other countries recreate military culture, traditions and everyday life of our predecessors.

In the park rusichi (residents of the Kievan Rus) meet in the battlefield, the princes fight with the enemy regiments, and noble knights accomplish the feat for their fair ladies. Honour and valour, bravery and courage come first for them. While men are fighting, women are caring about home comfort. They need to make clothes and accessories, cook a medieval meal on open fire, and bring up children. However, they also can learn ancient songs, dances, and plays, as well as share women’s secrets. You can visit the Park yourself and see with your own eyes the way people lived thousand years ago and even learn the ancient crafts.

Moreover, ancient sporting competitions will obviously trigger the adrenaline rush. In order to revive martial arts of ancestors, various tournaments and championships are carried out in the Ancient Kyiv (archery tournament, historical fencing tournament, horseback archers tournament). These historical and sports events are the greatest in all Eastern Europe.

The Prince Volodymyr is especially proud to represent a unique collection of thoroughbred horses and horse-drawn carriages which were gathered in the Princely stable. Having arrived to the Park, you will see the Akhal-Teke – horses of Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan, Arabian horses which King Solomon was addicted to, Boulonnais horses (White marble horses), royal Friesian horses, Belgian horses (the Brabant), cavalry horses of the Cossacks – the Russian Don, American Quarter horses, etc. Kind-hearted ponies and donkeys will certainly please young visitor of the Ancient Kyiv. You may also go horseback riding, pet horses or take a picture with them, as well as take a trip in the comfortable phaetons and carriages.  

In wintertime the residents of the Ancient Kyiv invite you to participate in the exciting adventure – cheerful sledding, snow fighting and dancing around the fire. In the Park various holidays and feasts are celebrated all the year round. During Pancake Week you will be able to taste ruddy pancakes, and while Spas (The Savior) celebration – honey and apples. In the night of Ivana Kupala you will be looking for a magic fern flower. During feast of the Protecting Veil of the Mother of God you will get the opportunity to participate in the amusements for youth. 

In the evening, fiery performance starts in the park: fire shows, night fortress storming, trebuchet firing, and shooting flaming arrows. Bright fireworks round off the evening performance.

It’s high time for you to travel through time. Find out the way our ancestors lived, loved, and what they believed in. Uncover an attractive force of the Ancient Kyiv together with the Kievan Rus Park!


Ancient Rus in “The Kievan Rus Park”, village Kopachiv, Obukhiv region, Kyiv state
Address of office: 04071, Ukraine, Kyiv, Kostyantinyvska str. 2а

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