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Memorial Flat of Pavlo Tychyna

Literary-Memorial Museum-Apartment of Pavlo Tychyna has been operating for more than 35 years.  The museum is one of the few in Ukraine, which  has devoted 100% of its space to a memorial. Everything that is exhibited in the museum (more than 30 000 items) belongs to Pavlo Tychyna: books, pictures, clothes, vessels, furniture, presents, etc. Moreover, interior of P. Tychyna's apartment remained untouched and thus can highlight the spiritual, artistic and intellectual values of the genius and his family. In the museum you will be able to travel into the past, become a guest of an outstanding person for an hour or two, get to know more about his life and the time he lived in. 

At present, the museum is regarded as the center of European culture. The museum staff stick to the principle that contemporary museum is an interesting museum, which offers high-quality services and provides programs of various formats. 


Literary-Memorial Museum-Apartment of Pavlo Tychyna consists of two integral parts - the memorial itself and a cultural centre, which includes an exhibition hall, bookcrossing area, extemporaneous theatre, childrens' room, Internet room, museum gift shop and a host of other things. Only in this museum you can get poet's books published by the museum itself: from poetry books for children to the gift books. 

In the museum you will not hear the same excursion twice, but you will be engaged in an enjoyable dialogue with an experienced guide. You will be told the life history of a man with a fragile, delicate and lyrical soul who as many others experienced worries, anxieties, and joys, suffered defeats and achieved victory.

In the memorial museum you will listen to the poems of the great poet and awaken ability to feel musicality of his poetic words. 


You may also join interesting lessons for children " How to Learn and Write Poems" or "I am Writing Music" , performance "Silver Doves in the Sky", an evening excursion with the candles, an excursion dedicated to the poet's wife "Lida's Day", poetry readings in the format of a marathon, poetry games "Delicious Poems", various creative workshops, and a special event  "Poetry Chocolate". 

A lot of interesting things are waiting for everyone in the museum. You will not find any museum in the city, where each visitor is treated with delicious cookies. 

Special attention should be paid to such projects as "Tolerance" and " Accessible Museum". In the framework of these projects, a unique methology has been developed for disabled visitors. 

In addition, all interested visitors can plant and grow their own flower in Tychyna's flower garden. If you have 15-20 minutes, you can join the volunteer group and make a contribution to the development of the museum and drink "Coffee with the Director".  

If you decide to spend some time in the museum at weekends, you can be sure that your children will be engaged in different activities and museum's project "While my mother was in the museum" . Having visited the museum, your child will obviously ask you to come back to the museum again.

The maximum number of visitors that can attand the museum is up to 30 persons. 

Excursions are also conducted in the English language. The visitors are provided with the printed texts of excursions in other foreign languages. 

Literary-Memorial Museum-Apartment of Pavlo Tychyna operates daily, even during holidays. It is opened to visitors till 07.00 p.m. and on Thursday and Friday - till 08:00 p.m.

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Telephone: +3044- 234-43-27.





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