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Boat Trip along the Dnieper River

Duration of boat trips: between 1 and 3,5 hours, only on weekends and during holidays



The Kyiv story cannot be complete without a story about the river that the city lies on. The Dnieper River (Dnipro) is the third longest river in Europe and the most picturesque place in the city. The ancient Greeks gave the river name Borysfen. Romans called it Danapris (dana in Old Persian meant “a river”), Slavs – Slavutych, which meant “the sun of fame”. The Dnieper River has been playing an important role in the life of Kyiv. The city’s prosperity as an important trade city and a place of international transport began in ancient times due to the route “From the Vikings to the Greeks”.

Modern Kyiv is located on both sides of the Dnieper River. While admiring the views of the Dnieper River, you will plunge into distant and unforgettable times of our country’s history and will be able to enjoy the views of modern Kyiv. Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, Monument to Volodymyr the Great, Vydubytskyi Monastery, Andrew’s Church and picturesque scenery of the Dnieper River will obviously remain in your bright memories.



Boat pier for departure and arrival: River port, Poshtova Platz 3, Kiev (near subway station "Postova Ploshadh").

Tel: +38(044) 4251268, +38(063)451548





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