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Kyiv Recreation Zones


Children’s Beach


This beach is especially good for children. It is famous for its pure sand and sports grounds for kids. Within the beach territory there are two fountains with drinking water, changing cabins, lots of beach couches and lounge chairs. On the 19th of January annual sacred procession is held here in the framework of Epiphany celebration. Those who wish to immerse into the holy water, there are specially equipped places on this occasion. In addition, there are several operating cafes in the territory.

“Hidropark” metro station, to the left of the Venetian Bridge


Venice Beach


It is the favourite recreation ground for all city residents. There are several sales outlets, a fountain with drinking water and a café within the beach territory. Moreover, there are two equipped basketball courts (closed court used only for competitions and public one which is available for everyone) and one football ground. Outdoor gym “Kachalka” is adjacent to the beach. Venice Beach itself is a grand territory with lots of shade trees. There are changing cabins too. The public is very diverse here. Whether you are a student or a businessman, you’ll find the company or a person who will be a perfect fit.

“Hidropark” metro station, Dolobetskyi Island, to the right of the Venetian Bridge

Youth Beach








It is famous for its pure sand and two sports grounds. In the beach territory there are two fountains with drinking water, changing cabins, lots of beach couches, lounge chairs and umbrellas in the shadow of which everyone can hide from the scorching summer sun. Due to safety reasons medical personnel and lifeguards work on the beach to provide the first aid.

Dolobetskyi Island ("Hidropark" metro station)

Dovbychka Beach


Dovbychka recreation zone is located on the southeastern coast of Trukhaniv Island, near the beaches at “Hidropark” metro station. Kyiv nudists who still constitute a minority of visitors chose this site to take the sun. Pure sand, flowing water and great views on the hills of the right bank.

The Desenka River, “Hidropark” metro station (the southeastern coast of Trukhaniv Island)

How to get to the beach: „Poshtova Ploshcha“ metro station, cross the Walking Bridge and being on Trukhaniv Island walk in the south direction


Central Beach

Being one of the biggest recreation zones, Central Beach is located on both sides of the Walking Bridge. Within its territory there are a lot of sports courts, catering facilities, summer-houses for rest, so as to provide visitors with full range of services. Marvelous view on the right bank of Kyiv will obviously impress everyone who has visited this place.

Trukhaniv Island (on both sides of the Walking Bridge)


Golden Beach


Golden recreation zone is unique for its pure golden sand and great view on Kyiv Pechersk Lavra. This beach is great option for the whole family. There are parking lots, basketball court, children’s playground, outdoors grill.


“Hidropark” metro station, aside from Paton Bridge


Peredmisna Slobidka Beach


Peredmisna Slobidka is a place with lots of beach couches located in the shadow. This recreation zone has a great view on Kyiv Pechersk Lavra. Moreover, in the evening everyone can enjoy the sunset here.

“Hidropark” metro station, aside from Paton Bridge







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