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Where: 11/61, Lva Tolstogo str.

Phone: +38 098 988 79 88

Working hours: 12.00 - 01.00

The “Banka” fun bar is a conceptual democratic bar where, for the first time in Ukraine, food and drinks are served only in traditional glass jars. There are almost no analogues of  “Banka” in the world. We can name some similar places in New-York and other USA and European cities, but they can be easily counted.

Moreover, no one had ever been so radically set on the fact that everything has to be in jars. In this bar bottles, plates, glasses, cups and any other dishes are strictly forbidden.

The fact that all of our dishes are jars isn’t the only sign of  conceptuality. You can find some interesting “stuff” in every corner of our bar.

Eating from a jar feels like you’re at home, tasting those delicious pickles that your grandma made for you. Only in this bar it is OK to drink soup from a jar. Only here everything you ordered can be taken with you in the same dishes your food and drinks were served, all you have to do is ask the bar attender or waiter to give you the lids.






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