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I have traveled and visited many countries and cities around the world, but Kyiv is the only place that I can truly call home. The city combines the fast pace of a modern metropolis with a quaint atmosphere of the ancient capital of Kyivan Rus.

As a teenager, I worked as a tour guide for the youth tourism bureau. I led excursions around the city for Kyiv’s schoolchildren, where I came to know the heart of the city and its surrounding neighborhoods very well. It is one of the most beautiful cities with a rich cultural and historical heritage, which is evident in the city’s architectural buildings, monuments, and natural landscapes. One of my favorite city routes runs from the National Conservation Area “St. Sophia of Kyiv”, St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Cathedral, Andrew’s Descent and up to the picturesque Podil district.

To this day, I continue to enjoy conducting tours for my friends who come visit the city and showing them Kyiv’s ancient beauty. I also enjoy visiting Trukhaniv Island, which I know quite well, and believe that it will soon become a popular tourist attraction.

I also dream of our Hydropark becoming a Disneyland, complete with rides and entertainment for Kyiv’s citizens and guests. Also located near the Hydropark is the “Kyiv in Miniature” museum, a must-see attraction for all children. Walking among expositions of the Opera House, Golden Gate, churches, and cathedrals, visitors will feel like the fabulous Gulliver themselves.  

Vitaliy Klitschko

The Mayor of Kyiv





The first year I lived in Kyiv was full of revealing moments in my life. I like to say that this city has changed me pretty deeply.

While Kyiv is certainly a very European capital, I had the distinct feeling of recognizing things that I found when I was living in Asia.

The most striking is Kyiv’s citizens. They have a zest for life and a freedom of mind which makes the city incredibly interesting from the point of view of society and culture.

If we think that Western Europe is revolutionizing the cities to make room for the greenery, here, in Kyiv, there are parks everywhere. Beautiful and well kept. They are my favorite places, because you can see young people having fun, studying or working thanks to the free Wi-Fi, as almost everywhere in the city, there are families because here the gardens and parks are equipped and organized for their children, and gentlemen of a certain age who challenge in chess games.

We can not even avoid talking about the theaters, with actors and dancers world-renowned for their skill and elegance. The cost of the tickets are affordable to all inhabitants of the different economic possibilities, and this is really important for a country.

Needless to say, the city is undergoing rapid changes. When away for a few months, you can see great changes and new features. But fortunately, the Ukrainians do not lose their identity, being so outstanding as their capital.

I need a few days to tell what makes me fall in love with this city. Unfortunately, in this occasion I don't have all this time, but to be brief I want to give you some advice: come to Kyiv, open your eyes and see its beauty, open your ears to listen to its citizens ..... and you will be amazed, because this is Kyiv.


Манфреді Ді Нардо

Manfredi Di Nardo

President of “Centre of Culture and International Relations “Mi Piace Firenze”

Italy, Florence









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