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Seven Reasons to Visit Kyiv 


Kyiv Slavic

Kyiv is more than 1.500 years old and one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe. Slavic culture began in Kyiv. Numerous museums of universal importance, historical monuments as well as National museum of folk architecture and rural life of Ukraine “Pyrohovo” highlight the culture of Slavs. You can also visit "The Kyivan Rus Park", a reconstruction of one of the most mysterious medieval cities of Eastern Europe – the Ancient Kyiv of 5th-13th centuries and the capital of the grand empire – Kyivan Rus. Moreover, in the park you can observe architecture of the ancient Slavs and find out more about their lifestyle.

Kyiv Spiritual

In 988 AD Volodymyr the Great christianized Kyivan Rus and Kyiv became the main Eastern European spiritual center. Great monasteries, cathedrals and churches create the unique architecture of the city. Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra with its numerous caves and St. Sophia Cathedral with its unique mosaics and murals of the 11th century, both recognized by UNESCO as the World Heritage site of worship, will obviously amaze and impress its visitors.

Kyiv Cultural

Kyiv is the heart of the Eastern European culture. Historically, it has always been an inspiration for great talents in art, music, poetry and architecture. Today, Kyiv can offer a vast variety of cultural events and concerts. You can visit the opera, theatres, museums, galleries, and various exhibitions.

Kyiv on the Dnipro River

The mighty Dnipro River in all its glory is more than just a river. Being a tourist destination, it also serves as a place for relaxation and recreation. Explore Kyiv on a canoe trek, take a boat trip, relax while swimming or fishing and enjoy the unique beaches of the Ukrainian capital.

Kyiv Cossack

Many mysteries and legends are circulating around the freedom-loving Cossacks. The history of Kyiv and Ukraine is closely connected with the traditions of the Cossacks. Having visited an open-air museum “Mamajeva Sloboda” you will be able to experience Cossacks’ way of life, watch Cossack shows, learn ancient crafts and taste traditional dishes and drinks.

Kyiv Entertaining

There is always something going on in Kyiv! Colourful ethnic festivals, concerts, carnivals and lots of entertainment establishments will take you into the maelstrom of fun, excitement and relaxation. You`ll never get bored in Kyiv!

Kyiv Business

Since ancient times, a favorable geographical position made Kyiv an attractive city for trade. At present, it is an economic and financial center of Ukraine and important hub in Central and Eastern Europe. Seminars, conferences and congresses – destination on the rise with various opportunities for your business.





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