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Individuality of the city


Kyiv is a unique city with a rich historic and cultural heritage. These aspects provided the basis for a slogan formulation of the logo “Everything Starts in Kyiv”. The logo itself as a symbol of Kyiv incorporated the basic qualities of the city, which has been acquired over the centuries, and enables the city guests to feel the main priorities and values.


City on the Dnipro

Kyiv is 1.5 millennial city-legend. Based on the slopes of one of the major waterways of Eastern Europe – the Dnipro River, the city was the beginning of Slavic civilization – Kyivan Rus. Now it is the capital of Ukraine with a population of 2.8 million people.


Green City

Kyiv is often called “a green city” and it is difficult to take no notice of that as the area of gardens, parks, and other vegetation plantations is about 60%. Its modern architectural ensembles combined with the ancient temples and surrounded by nature will not leave you indifferent.


City of Churches

Kyiv is the birthplace of the Ruthenian Orthodox Church and the center of Christian pilgrimage. The patron of the city is considered to be Archangel Michael. Maybe it is the reason why the city passed through two world wars and preserved its unique architectural complexes. It is only in Kyiv you can visit more than 1,000 churches, monasteries and other sacred sites, some of which are included into the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Welcoming City

Kyiv is not only a modern metropolis, but a hospitable, open and European city with well-developed infrastructure. Kyiv residents who are known for their hospitality, zest for life and kind treatment will obviously welcome you in the city.






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