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Consortium “Kyiv Tourism” Training Program “Actions That Tour Operators Can Adopt in Times of Crisis”

Consortium “Kyiv Tourism” has recently conducted its the very first training courses with 2 modules: "How to improve the safety image of Kyiv under the conditions of the current crisis (conflict). Recommendations for Kyiv tour operators” and “Professional product preparation & presentation of tour products on European / Western markets”.

The course was conducted by Consortium “Kyiv Tourism” on the 14th and 16th July 2015 in cooperation with Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry, an organisation created to develop and promote favourable conditions for business activities in the Kyiv region. The training program was specifically designed for tourism professionals working in Ukraine in order to enhance their knowledge how to conduct business during crisis, how to create and present professional tourism products intended for European consumers and how to calculate the tours’ prices in accordance with the Internationally recognised practices and standards.

Frank Ludwig (an expert from the German Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM)) was invited as the trainer for the Consortium’s Kyiv Tourism training program. Frank Ludwig has shared with all the participants his profound knowledge and extended experience in conducting tourism business in different countries of the world. Being a business owner and a founder of a successful tour company in Cambodia over many years and consultant for several EU funded projects and other international organisations he proposed solutions to the most actual problems of the tourism business in Ukraine.

All participants of the program were awarded with the Certificates of Accomplishment of the tourism training program.

The feedbacks we have received have proved that course was everything our participants hoped it would be. Frank Ludwig presented the material with an expert knowledge and backed it up with his own extended experience.

The next training program will take place in August and will be devoted to the strategies and tactics of SEO and marketing promotion for tourism professionals. In the nearest future we will announce the exact dates the future training program. 


Training program's topics  “Actions That Tour Operators Can Adopt in Times of Crisis”:







Training program's photo report 14-16 July 2015










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