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The Pysanky Festival on Sofia Square

| 2015-04-06
“The pysanky festival”  - it's an annual traditional event, an inherent part of Easter for residents and guests, it has a unique value for Ukraine as a support and promotion of  the Ukrainian folk tradition.
“The pysanky festival”  - it's, first of all, development of the folk art, of the culture and history of the Ukrainian people as an example of the phenomenon of Easter eggs painting.
As part of ethnocultural festival, the team project aims to tell the whole world about our outstanding Ukrainian history and rich colorful culture. Today, thanks to a great effort, the project unite all Ukraine.
Every region can present their  identity. In 2013 the project joined more than 50 cities. This year, the project's  borders  will increase as we strive to unite more participants around Easter eggs painting.
For our purpose we need only love Ukrainian culture and traditions. And add your own Easter egg to general masterpiece collection.





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