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Boryspil International Airport (KBP) is the busiest airport in Ukraine which provides around 50% of passenger air traffic of Ukraine. Around 50 national and international airlines operate regular flights carrying passengers to over 100 destinations worldwide. The airport is located within 18,5 km from Kyiv and 6 km from the city of Boryspil.

Boryspil International Airport (KBP) is the only airport in Ukraine which provides operation of transcontinental flights. Technical possibilities of the airport allow to accept all types of aircrafts non-stop in any weather conditions including low visibility.




The list of the most popular destinations of the airport includes Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Frankfurt, Paris, Moscow, Istanbul, Dubai, London, Antalia and Sharm el-Sheikh.





Terminal B capacity.

For international flights: 1200 pax/h (for departure) and 1100 pax/h (for arrival).
For domestic flights: 650 pax/h (for departure) and 600 pax/h (for arrival).

Different shops, cafes and bars, offices of airlines, travel agencies, banks, left luggage offices, Internet access as well as a business centre are available in Terminal B. The second floor of the Terminal B is used for international flights passengers. Duty-free shops are also located here.

Terminal D capacity.

Terminal D can accommodate up to 10 million passengers annually, 3000 pax/h for arrival and 3000 pax/h for departure.

Terminal D, featuring the highest capacity, was opened in 2012. Check-in areas of Terminal D passenger complex have 60 check-in counters and 6 Self-Service Check-in Kiosks, 18 aviation security points, 28 passport control desks which enables passengers to reduce queues. For passengers’ convenience there are lifts, elevators and moving walkways. 

VIP Lounge is available in Terminal D which satisfies needs of the most demanding travellers who prefer high level of comfort and service. Business lounges of Terminal D provide an exclusive atmosphere of respectability and comfort in which travellers can get ready for a pleasant trip as well as effectively work prior to the departure of the flight.

In Terminal B and D passengers can exchange currency and make other banking transactions, use automatic payment providers for actions such as buying mobile phone credit.





Boryspil International Airport has its own taxi service — Sky Taxi. Sky Taxi cars are available for hire in the drop-off zone in front of each terminal.

All Sky Taxi vehicles are comfortable cars which are equipped with a taximeter, payment card terminal, digital video recorder and GPS navigator. All taxis provide child seats.

Travellers can book Sky Taxi directly in Terminals B, D of Boryspil International Airport. Payment for the service is payable upon arrival at destination in accordance with the rates pre-set by the taximeter. The driver is obliged to issue a receipt confirming the payment.

6,50 UAH/km shall be applied for transporting passengers from Boryspil Airport at a distance exceeding 10 kilometers. While stuck in traffic extra 0,60 UAH per a minute will be surcharged. This rate shall be charged for each minute while traveling through traffic at a speed that is less than 5 km/an hour. While waiting for a passenger and stop on a passenger’s request extra 1,20 UAH per a minute will be collected. 65 UAH Rate shall be applied for travelling from Boryspil Airport at a distance up to 10 km inclusive. Return trip from the city to Boryspil Airport shall be charged at a rate of 4,50 UAH per a kilometre. This offer is valid subject to availability of cars.

Sky Taxi order

 +38 044 281-75-58 or +38 044 281-7-28, e-mail:   


Sky Bus provides passengers with a direct, cost-effective way of getting from Boryspil International Airport to Kyiv. The bus’ route will take travellers via Kharkivska metro station to the south vestibule of Kyiv Central Railway Station.Buses go from Terminals B and D according to the schedule.

Fare: 50 UAH. Tickets can be purchased straight from the driver or at the ticket office of Terminals B, D.

Information on Sky Bus departure and arrival is available on the official web-site or by phone: +380 95 431-07-17 (around the clock) and +380 4595 6-48-14.


Long distance buses are also at travellers’ disposal. They directly connect Boryspil International Airport with a number of other Ukrainian towns and cities.

Long distance bus companies operating at Boryspil International Airport

Telephone: +380 44 230-00-71

 Telephone:+380 44 537-59-55

 Telephone:+380 67 520-30-00




In addition, free Shuttle Bus operates round the clock between Terminals B, D and hotel of Boryspil International Airport.




Coming to Boryspil International Airport with your own vehicle, you need to leave it in the parking lot, because parking vehicles in the traffic ways of this transportation facility is forbidden. All parking lots in the territory of the airport operate round the clock. In order to make a correct choice of the parking, you need to know the terminal you are looking for.

Parking service tariffs in Teminal B and D land side:

Cars: 10-20 UAH/h, 60-80 UAH/day

Minibuses: 20-40UAH/h, 160-400 UAH/day

Buses: 70-140 UAH/h




Common Use Self Service Check-in Kiosks (CUSS) operate in the Terminal D of Boryspil International Airport. CUSS Check-in Kiosks enable passengers to check in for their flights by themselves and select their seats in an airplane that provides additional free time and helps to avoid queues at check-in desks.

CUSS Check-in Kiosks are equipped with a touch screen, a passport reader, 2D bar code reader, a credit card reader and a boarding pass printer. For passengers, checked in with CUSS Kiosks, there is no baggage queues at specially designated Baggage Drop Off desk. More detailed information about the use of CUSS Check-in Kiosks is available on the web-site of Boryspil Airport.

Using CUSS Kiosks passengers can quickly and easily check in for flights of such airlines as S7 Airlines, Utair, KLM, British Airways, AirFrance, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, EL AL Israel Airlines, Rossiya Airlines and Aeroflot Russian Airlines.





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