7 Amazing Things To Do In Kiev This Summer

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is an amazing place which attracts tourists from all over the world to spend the summer vacation alone, with their beloved ones or family. This cool destination is rich in history, endless churches, wonderful designs, religious communities, incredible beaches, hotels and restaurants which meet all the budgets. From walking slowly near the huge river Dnieper, to spending the night at a romantic restaurant, we guarantee that you you will spen extraordinary, magnificent time.

If you didn’t decide yet, here are some superb things to do in Kiev, so we help you create your Summer Bucket List.

Let’s see it now!


7 Things to do for in Kiev at summer:

1- Spend the whole day on the beach or the pools

In general, the weather in Kiev at summer is hot,and what is better than spending a hot day on the beach?

Go to the beach or any pool, chill out, drink a cold lemonade or a drink, swim, etc.There are several really cool places in Kiev to enjoy your summer vacation like City Beach Club, Bora Bora Beach Club and Olmeca Plage. Although most of them are pools, they offer to the clients a chance to relax on a sandy beach.

This would be amazing and with reasonable prices.


2- Go on a Rafting tour in Kiev

The two most famous rivers in Kiev are Desna river and Dnipro river, in addition to Pivdennyi Buh river, Dniester River others and many others.

So what you are waiting for? let’s go rafting.


3- Have a dinner at Barbara Bar Summer Terrace

Barbara Bar Summer Terrace is one of the best places to spend an evening with your women. Don’t even think of visiting Kiev without going there!

It would be so romantic, imagine yourself, your beloved and the sunset, nothing can be better. You have to just forget about everything in the world and live the moment.


4- Climb on the top of Mother Motherland monument

I know what just came to your mind, is it legal?

Yes sir, it is a 100% legal activity which you will enjoy more than you think. To be sure of that,  the tour operator Beinside Ukraine offers this activity within their Kiev Soviet tour.

When you reach the monument, you will enter the statue with the guide, then you have to move on the top of it.

Here comes the fantastic moment, you are standing on the top of Mother Motherland monument (its height is 102 m (335 ft)).

5- Enjoy the Sunset / Sunrise at Trukhaniv Island

Summer in Kiev is not just enjoying your time at the sandy beaches, green forest, waves of the Dnipro river, etc. To feel the summer in Kiev, you also have to enjoy the sunrise and the sunset at least once at Trukhaniv island.

There are many picturesque, open air bars and cafes like UBK beach which offer you the best view for such activity.

6- What about a Quad Ride?

It is safe and extreme at the same time. Quad ride is one of those activities which make you feel like a hero.

Let’s drive without borders, enjoy thrilling drive, and go fast on an open road.

7- Don’t miss the festivals in Kiev at summer

There are amazing festivals to spend in Kiev like the Holi Festival, the Music Festivals, the Udachnaya Eda festival and many others.

All these activities and more are the essence of Kiev to enjoy the best summer at reasonable costs.

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