The 7 Best Cultural Hotels in Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is a popular city which attracts tourists by its gorgeous architecture, fantastic restaurants, and thriving nightlife. It is an amazing place to spend your honeymoon or your vacation with the family especially with all the amazing hotels in Kiev which meet all budgets.


7 Amazing hotels in Kiev:


Let’s take a look on these amazing hotels in Kiev:
1- Bakkara Art Hotel

Bakkara hotel is one of the best hotels in kiev. It is considered one of the  cultural and artistic places in Kiev due to its modern design. people go to this hotel seeking for some fresh air in a city full of hotels that have barely changed since the Soviet era.

The visitors prefer going to this hotel to enjoy the incredible views of the river as well as the city.

It is important to know that Bakkare hotel is located on Venetian, the island opposite the Pechersk neighborhood.


Location: Venetsian Sky Island 1, Kiev, Ukraine.

Phone number: +380 44 369 3232

2- 11 Mirrors Design Hotel

This is one of the top luxurious hotels in Kiev located in the center of the city, near the medieval Golden Gate . You have to book a room there if you prefer a luxury of a prestigious chain with the personality of a boutique hotel as it displays the old-fashioned grandeur as well as a strong sense of style and top-notch service. 11 Mirrors contains 49 elegant rooms on 11 floors, with large bay windows and mirrors giving them a contemporary edge.

Expect a 5-stars room service, 24 hours concierge, Internet, air conditioning, safes, LCD TV, and a high-quality restaurant.


Location: Bogdana Khmelnitskogo St. 34A, Kiev, Ukraine.

Phone: +38 044 581 11 11

3- Vozdvyzhensky Hotel

It is a boutique hotel which combines luxury with a simple, artistic atmosphere epitomized by renowned Ukrainian artist Pavel Makov’s etchings adorning the walls of the restaurants. It contains 26 rooms  with chain, unique decoration to create a special, intimate atmosphere.

Vozdvyzhensky Hotel is considered a small hotel compared to others, but it has all the features which are expected from a modern hotel like TV, room service, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a high-end restaurant and café.


Location: Vozdvizhenka St 60A, Kiev, Ukraine.

Phone: +380 44 531 9900

4- Podol Plaza Hotel

This four-star hotel is a very famous hotel for its hospitality, beauty, and comfort. It is located in the historical Podil neighborhood in Kiev.

Its tidy building and impeccable service make it one of the best hotels in Kiev.

You can choose any of its 57 rooms, you have many choices: standard (single, double, twin), executive (idem), a junior suite, and the three superior quality suites of the ‘exclusive’ floor.

You will be very comfortable with the decor and the furnitures which are similar to other hotels in Western Europe.


Location: Kostiantynivka St 7, Kiev, Ukraine.

Location: +380 44 503 9292

5- Cosmopolite

Although it’s not in the city center,

Cosmopolite is extremely popular with travelers though to is not located in the city center.

This hotel received many rewards including a Ukrainian Hospitality Award for best design hotel in 2014 and Tripadvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Award in 2015.

It is renowned for its modern design. It consists of a huge glassy building with red strewn about the façade as well as dashes of red, yellow, white.

It also has modern furniture, tiled floors, and contemporary art.


Location: Vadima Hetmana Street 6, Kiev, Ukraine.

Phone number: +380 44 205 3520

6- Oselya

Osleya is just a small hotel located in a quiet, green neighborhood called Sovki. It opened since 5 years, but it attracts tourists from everywhere. You can feel the history and taste of its owners who has been living in the area for seven generations as the decorations include their own books and travel souvenirs.

There is also a private garden to escape the intense agitation of the city.


Location: Kamenyariv Street 11, Kiev, Ukraine.

Phone number: +380 44 258 8281

7- Gintama

Gintama is located in the center of Kiev offering a comfortable, simple services to its guests at affordable prices.

For many, Gintama can’t be topped.


Location: Triokhsviatytelska St 9, Kiev, Ukraine.

Phone number: +380 44 278 5092

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