The best and Cheap hotel in Kiev Verhovyna Hotel

 Cheap Hotel in kiev

Do you search for relaxing place? Did you see the Kiev beauty before? If You Dream of Happiness Hotel Go to Verhovyna HotelVerhovyna Hotel is the best choice in Kiev Hotels.Verhovyna is the best for all both guests and Kiev Residents because of the amazing features and location of it. This Hotel is very near from Boryspil. Verhovyna Hotel is the cheapest Hotel in Kiev. I called it The Hotel of Comfort and beauty at the same time. In Kiev Verhovyna Hotel You will enjoy a lot of features. Each detail in it will make you feel enjoy. You will get all you need in one place.The Hotel helps you get perfect life with all tools of comfort.

  • Kiev Verhovyna Hotel Location

One of the best features in Kiev Verhovyna Hotel is its location. Really I See that Verhovyna Hotel is the right choice for everyone searches for comfort. The Location of the Hotel is very ideal. Verhovyna Hotel has two perfect complexes.First Complex location in Okruzhnaya and the second location in the avenue Pobeda. Both of them has a highly qualified staff who will be at your service at any time.You will be welcome at any one of them.

The Hotel is very near from Zhuliany Airport, only 6.9 km From It. Really it’s a magical place to stay. The best issue in Verhovyna Hotel is the home feeling. you will never feel that you are just a guest. The 24 hours Front deck to help you.

  • Kiev Verhovyna Hotel Magical Features:

There are a lot of wonderful and Perfect features in Verhovyna Hotel makes you enjoy your relaxing travel in Kiev. I can tell you some of them but you need to touch the comfort with yourself.

  1.  All Verhovyna Hotel rooms have air conditions.
  2.  Free WiFi Access in rooms.
  3. All guests can take drinks in the Verhovyna Hotel bar.
  4.  All rooms have its Flat Screen TV.
  5. Private kitchen and  Bathroom in each room.
  6. There are more than 160 rooms in Verhovyna Hotel with perfect Modern Furniture.
  7. In Verhovyna Hotel There are very special banquet rooms For your Special Events.
  8. With this amazing hotel you can enjoy everything. There is a perfect beauty salon you can use to care for your beauty.
  9. Don’t worry about your Laundry. The laundry Service in the hotel is very excellent.
  10. Taxi order will be at your service.
  • Kiev Verhovyna Hotel Delicious Restaurant:

If you care about your daily food try The Resturant in Verhovyna Hotel. The restaurant offers best variety of foods. All foods offered there are very healthy. All Verhovyne Hotel Staff care about your health and happiness. You can also make any business meeting in the hotel and offer for your guests the best delicious meals. All environment and details make you feel that you are at your home. I loved the European cuisine and Ukrainian there. Tell me about your favorite meal there.


In Kiev Verhovyna Hote You will find the best service with the cheapest price.The best staff with a friendly environment.You will feel that you are at Home. 

Book your relaxing and achieve Great business Deals in one place Kiev  Verhovyna Hote 


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