Check the Weather in Kiev and The Best Timing

Weather in Kiev and The Best Timing

Ukraine is located in the center of Europe exactly in the mid-latitudes away from the ocean by a great distance which tells that the weather in Kiev is continental. It is a country with four clear seasons each has its own specialized features.

Fauna and flora in Ukraine are amazingly varied because of the special weather in Kiev. Also the characterized centuries-old traditions and the many festivals are very diverse and enjoyable. Ukraine has many large forests and steppes with no ends. You can find bears, wolves, bison, eagle and foxes in the forests. There are also a lot of lakes and rivers in the country.

The goodwill of the Ukraine people and the good weather in Kiev gave the country a special fame among foreign tourists. Kind, nice and hospitable people, nature and music are gathered in one place. Additionally, Ukrainian kitchen became particularly famous among foreigners who come to enjoy special dishes; varied flour products such as dumplings, pampushkas, vareniki and korzhi as well as meat dishes such as Ukrainian sausages, cold appetizers and poultry. All are special and tasty even dairy products and honey.   

Weather in Kiev

Spring: it comes with the snow and ice melting and denoted by many streams of melted water. In most regions of Ukraine spring months are accompanied by gusty strong winds. In this period, amount of precipitation is at the average.  At the end of March and early of April, it begins to blossom the first plant. In May, the botanical wears lovely green foliage and at this time birds migrate.

Spring holidays:

  • March 8: international women’s day
  • March 27: world theatre day
  • April 1: April fool’s day
  • April 12: day of cosmonautics
  • May 1: the holiday of spring and labor
  • May 2: labor day
  • May 9: victory day over fascism
  • May 15: international family day

Summer: all summer months are pretty hot. The day temperature may reach 30 degrees or more. There are a lot of resorts that attract foreigners from all over the world from the end of May to middle of September. In late August, they celebrate the great harvest.

Summer holidays:

  • June 1: international children’s day
  • June 5: world day of environment
  • June 24: youth day
  • June 28: constitution day
  • July 8: day of the fisherman
  • August 1: day of naval forces of Ukraine
  • August 2: day of the airborne troops
  • August 19: the transfiguration of the lord
  • August 24: independence day
  • August 28: assumption of the blessed virgin Mary

Autumn: weather in Kiev is great and nice in Autumn. It rains in October and November, but September is warmer where the temperature is between 20 and 25 degrees. It is interesting to know that at the end of September there is a short sharp warm period called “Indian summer”.

Autumn holidays:

  • September 1: knowledge day
  • September 8: day of physical culture and sports
  • September 27: exaltation of the holy cross
  • October 1: international music day
  • October 7: day of workers of education
  • October 14: protection of the blessed virgin
  • October 27: day of the rescuer
  • October 30: day of workers of the state tax administration
  • November 4: day of national guard of Ukraine
  • November 17: day of students

Winter: this season is very harsh and cold. Some days have temperature drop to 30 degrees below zero. Only in the mountains areas there is a large amount of rainfall. In some years, you may find massive volume of snow which then lead to spring floods.

Winter holidays:

  • December 3: international day of persons with disabilities
  • December 6: day of armed forces of Ukraine
  • December 7: day of local self-government
  • December 10: international human rights day
  • December 12: day of land forces of Ukraine
  • December 20: day of police
  • January 1: New Year
  • January 7: Christmas
  • January 19: epiphany
  • January 22: Ukrainian unity day
  • January 23: fatherland defender’s day

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