Kiev Food Top best Kiev restaurant review guide

Kiev Food Top best Kiev restaurant review guide

Kiev food is a very important factor in Kiev tourism. On one hand, Kiev tourism is one of the most important tourism in Europ. More than 20 million tourists love the Kiev city with all of its Details. The most important details in Kiev is Kiev food. What can I say about the Kiev food taste with the great weather in Kiev?. The Weather in Kiev is perfect. You will enjoy the Kiev time. You will fall in love with Kiev food. On the other hand, All These features with a low budget. We talked about the best places to visit in Kiev. Besides our posts about the Kiev hotels. So, We will give you a first guide of the top 10 best restaurants in Kiev. these following restaurants offer the best of Kiev food.

Here I will give you the best guide you need to know about Kiev foods and Top 10 best restaurant in Kiev.

  1. Whiskey Corner.
  2. BAO Modern Chinese Cuisine.
  3. Kanapa Restaurant Salon.
  4. BEEF meat & wine.
  6. Yoshi Fujiwara.
  7. Oxota NA Ovets.
  8. Goodman.
  9. Buddha Bar.
  10. Lipsky

This post will be about Kiev Food top best Kiev restaurant review guide all you need to know about each restaurant where you can get best prices and high quality.

  • Whiskey Corner Restaurant:

This is the first restaurant we will talk about. This is Because it has the top rates in Kiev city.  It offers so many types of different foods. This isn’t everything. It also has a great free option.

  • BAO Modern Chinese Cuisine:

The BAO Modern Chinese Cuisine is a perfect choice if you love the Chinese food and the cuisine offers the vegan option, It has excellent rates.

  • Kanapa Restaurant Salon:

The Kanapa Restaurant Salon is the first restaurant here offer in its menu the Ukranian Food. If you love Kiev food you have to get your offer in the Kanapa Restaurant Salon.

  • BEEF meat & wine:

The Beef meat and wine restaurant are one of the restaurants that offer a lot of food type. You can select all you need to eat. All rates about this place are wonderful. You will find the vegan food and the Europan food too.


The VINO e CUCINA is a different type of the Kiev restaurant. If you love the Italian food. This place will be the right choice for you. On the other hand, it’s located in Sichovykh Striltsiv st., 82, Kiev 04050, Ukraine.

  • Yoshi Fujiwara:

The Yoshi Fujiwara is one of the high rated kinds of seafood restaurants in Kiev. The Restaurant offers different types of  Asian Soups and  Seafood Sushi Japanese. If you need a different taste of your Kiev travel you need to eat in the Yoshi Fujiwara.

  • Oxota NA Ovets.

Another best place to eat in Kiev is Oxotal NA Ovets. It also offered the seafood soaps and other tasty dishes of the Japanese food.

  • Goodman:

The Goodman Restaurant is the best place which offers the American foods.

  • Buddha Bar:

If you need to eat any of the Japanese Bar Sushi or the Vegetarian,  or Asian food, with Friendly Vegan Options. IT will be perfect

  • Lipsky:

  • Finally, this place offers both the Ukrainian and European food.

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