Kiev, Russia And the FIFA Preparation

Kiev, Russia, And the FIFA Preparation

Kiev, Russia, And the FIFA Preparation is a very important event will happen in 2018. Since 1930, every four years the world cup held presenting by FIFA. It is the 21 st world cup that is going to be held in Russia. Also, it is the first time to host the world cup in southern Europe after Germany hosted it in 2006. AS all we know football game one of the most famous and important game in sport generally. 2018world cup in Russia which is considered the biggest event in the world. Now Russia is ready to host the world cup. Noticeable that the European Russian cities are responsible to host the matches and they are eleven cities, they are chosen as they are very near and also easily to reach.

Final touch had been put for seven stadiums. This is where five of them are ready to welcome the fans from all over the world. San Petersburg Stadium the main playground for the championship.

  • Kiev, Russia, and Russian Stadiums:

Moscow is going to host the first and final matches. The first match will be held at Kaliningrad Stadium that weight is about 15 thousand ton and it can host between 78,000 to 81,000 thousands of people. It is considered one of the finest playground in the earth depending on the final speech of the general manager of the sport and tourism affairs of the capital Moscow as all playgrounds have been tested. As he assured that Russians do their best to host the first world cup in Russia’s history. About a thousand of hotels are rated. Eleven cities will host all the matches.

  • Kiev, Russian creativity for The Russian world cup:

As the government ready also the Russian people try to exploit this big event, by creating ideas to earn money. About 50% of Russians took loans to start their project as Robel who created the idea of cars for tourists. He said that the earning of living is so hard especially in the countryside. Another one called Anton who rented 16 flats in Moscow’s center where is beside the electric train that means it is a strategic arena in the city. So Russians are preparing themselves for a huge opportunity to improve their earn living after the worst economic conditions.

  • Russian Tourism for attractive places:

Beside FIFA 2018, we cannot forget the tourism in Russia. As it developed a lot after The Soviet Union starting from the eternal to external one because of a rich cultural heritage and different natural views. Russia, Alone, has 23 of international cultural heritage rated from UNESCO. Russia has the ability to improve the external tourism and attract the tourists, it has both sides the rich soil and the historical heritage. There are a lot of places natural without the human interfere. The mountains beside give the tourists the chance to enjoy the mountain tourism. There are places for meditation. Fishing is also there from lots of rivers. The north of Russia, tourists look forward to enjoying the seas. Another wonder in Russia is the lakes not because their beauty but people can drink its water.

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