Kiev time top 10 places to spend your time there.

Kiev time top 10 places to spend your time there.

Kiev time the powerful time that renews your energy. I prefer to visit kiev at any time. The magical power that I get from Kiev make is my best choice.

Here, You will find your guide to all of the following places in Kiev:

  • Independence square and the tea.
  • Botanical garden.
  • The national opera.
  • The golden gate.
  • Art museum, the chocolate house.
  • Saint Nicholas Roman Catholic cathedral.
  • Feofaniya park.
  • Pinchuk art center.
  • Saint Volodymyr’s cathedral.
  • Pyrohiv museum.
  • Independence square and the tea:

Kiev time The independence square or “ Maydan, as citizens called it” it’s the heart of Kiev.  As well the heart of Ukraine. The place where you can drink things. You can drink like the famous tea.  Also, there besides walking along the fountain. You can take photos and listen to the Maydan freedom story there. This is maybe it’s not more attractive to other squares but truly it has a unique story to tell.

  • Botanical garden:

It’s part of the reserved natural fund of Ukraine, it’s really worth to be seen. It has the Trinity monastery of st. Jonas with dated 19th-century ancient murals. That’s beside the tropical flowers, cacti, and palm trees which in rich the scene there,

  • The national opera:

It was built in a neo-renaissance French style which makes it the famous ballet and opera in Europe.

  • The golden gate:

It’s a UNESCO world heritage site, its part of the defensive structure with another job as a grand entrance to the city. People built in 1970 a pavilion to react the original appearance of the monument and protect the gates to not decay.

  • Art museum, the chocolate house:

It’s one of the famous pitcher’s mansions. They made a reconstruction; they turned the interiors into a gallery with replication to the original form. It’s amazing to walk inside with its luxuries halls with the amazing paints.

  • Saint Nicholas Roman Catholic cathedral:

It considered as a true masterpiece of architectural, it’s stylized gothic form with exterior decoration grab the attention right on the way. Nowadays they use it as a function of a concert hall for the organ house.

  • Feofaniya park:

It’s a charming natural living park located in the suburb of Kiev, whatever season we live in is, Feofaniya park is still beautiful around the year. It has been built in 1912 with professionally designed landscapes. If you are looking for a quiet place to go, don’t miss to go there.

  • Pinchuk art center:

It’s a way to enjoy a world of art beyond the daily routine. It contains exhibitions of painting beside the performance art. It contains six floors in each one a guide to tell you the story behind that work. Would you try to go there?

  • Saint Volodymyr’s cathedral:

Which built to honor the prince of Kiev “Vladimir” who introduces the Christianity to that city. It’s decorated in the classical old Byzantine style with a painted interior which has been made by famous artist like Mikhail Wrubel and Viktor Kuznetsov. It’s located in the central part of the city which represents how important it is.

  • Pyrohiv museum:

It’s an open-air museum of architecture and life of Ukraine country; it’s divided into the Ukraine regions as traditional and the huts which decorated with traditions. It represents the life of the 16th and 19th centuries which extracted from all over the country.

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