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Enjoy traveling to Kiev

Kiev the capital of Ukraine and its largest city is one of the ancient cities in Europe, its date is back to 500 AD at least. Its population is about three million, and it lies on the banks of the Dnieper River. The city’s great history created an amazing mix of different architectural styles. People in Kiev are very friendly and funny. It is not a touristic crowded city so it will be easy for visitors to move and meet real Ukrainian friends.

Why Kiev?

  • Night life: Kiev becomes more alive at night with enormous variable clubs. You can find both, traditional Ukrainian bars and stylish cosmopolitan lounges. Clubs are available from midnight until dawn.
  • Street life: the city is full of cafes which offer their fare from converted cars. Also there are markets everywhere especially in the underground areas under the major streets.
  • Architecture: you will find many styles because of its long history. Gold covered domes and soviet tower blocks, a huge variety.
  • Chernobyl: it is possible to spend one day in the city of Chernobyl during your stay. It is only two hours coach trip during which you will be shown the site of the world’s worst nuclear disaster.

What to do?

  1. Michael’s golden domed monastery: you should see this beauty. Sit on the banks of the Dnieper River and enjoy the historical monastery which includes a large cathedral, a refectory and a bell tower. This amazing architecture won’t be at any other west country.
  2. Motherland monument: it is a massive stainless steel statue of 200 foot and weight 560 tons. It is a history buff’s dream standing over the countryside like something went out a science fiction movie.
  3. Independence square: the largest square in the city containing monuments and ceaseless activities. It is full of positive energy came from its festivals, parades, markets and lovely meeting places.
  4. Botanical garden: a wonderful botanical collection exists to bring you relaxation and comfort. It contains huge space to picnic, rest and do yoga.
  5. Kiev opera house: a fantastic building where you can find rousing performance, classic and modern dance and opera shows.

Where to eat?

  • Puzata Hata on Sahaidachnoho street: café sells traditional Ukrainian food
  • Kureni on Parkova Doroga: restaurant offers the famous chicken Kiev


Car: roads within Kiev are good and the traffic is usually not heavy. Car rental is available from around ₴1,600 per day.

Taxi: unofficial taxi is cheap and prevalent. It costs from ₴55 for a journey in the city center up to ₴100 if you take it from one side of the city to the other.

Public transportation: this includes bus, trolley bus and tram. It is very cheap but may be quite crowded. Buy your ticket then validate it by punching it in a machine. The ticket costs ₴4.

Cost of living in Kiev

Shopping streets:

  • The market at Andrew’s Descent is a good place to get traditional souvenirs and goods. It opens everyday, but go on Saturday and Sunday, it is better.
  • Ocean Plaza contains about 400 stores, restaurants, a cinema and Gulliver. You will find everything there from groceries to beauty salons and fashion boutiques.


  • Quart of milk costs around ₴17
  • 12 large eggs cost about ₴29
  • Velyka Kyshenya is a major supermarket with many braches through the city and Billa on Gryshko Street

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