“Tourism in Kiev” An Easy Guide, Things to Do in Kiev in summer & night

Things to Do in Kiev in summer & night

Travelling is one of the top activities we do in vacations, either alone, with our beloved ones or family. It helps us go out of the routine, create some bondings, and discover new people, cultures and traditions. Among all the amazing destinations in the world, we chose to talk about the largest city in Ukraine and its capital, Kiev. Kiev is considered one of the top 10 attractive destinations in the world for tourists for many reasons. The weather in Kiev, the seasons, things to do in summer and winter and many other topics will be discussed in this article, so just keep reading with us.


Its position among the plains, forests and the Dnieper River makes Kiev a remarkable cultural center for Eastern Europe as well as a growing tourism destination. This location also gives Kiev a variable weather and four different seasons. As a result, it has a moderate continental climate which is very similar to what you would experience in the Northeastern United States or eastern Canada. But, this doesn’t mean that you would never experience an occasionally harsh weather at all in Kiev.

In Kiev, there are four distinct seasons:

  • A chilly winter.
  • A mildly warm summer.
  • A cool autumn.
  • A spring.



December, January and February are the winter seasons and these months usually have low temperature.

Notice that the average winter temperatures range between 17 and 35 degrees Fahrenheit.


Spring And Fall

Those two seasons usually come in April and October. Although they are milder than winter, but they are still considered cool.



Kiev also has a hot season with a high humidity, so you will have many hot and sticky days in summer.

The temperatures in summer usually range between 65 and 80 degrees.

Usually people travel to Kiev from May to mid-October which are the ideal travel times due to the mild temperatures and blooming flowers. Additionally, if you are willing to travel in July and August, remember to check whether the hotel includes air conditioning or not.

Rain and Snow in Kiev

Although Kiev winesses 4 different seasons, we can’t say that there is a dry season. That is true as there is always a possible precipitation of rain and snow the year-round.

Obviously, the rainiest months are June and July, but it is not severely as the average rainfall is approximately three inches of rainfall.


On the other hand, people can enjoy the snow through much of December, January and February ( Notice that the heaviest snow occurs in January).

Don’t be surprised if you saw some snow in November and March.

Everything is possible in Kiev, and it is common to see an average of 14 days per month witnessing at least a trace of rain or snow, so it will be about 164 days per year total.

Extreme Weather in Kiev

Kiev witnesses extreme weather in both, summer and winter.

In summer, many thunderstorms occur, and they are usually accompanied by hail.

In winter, there would be many blizzards and ice storms, so keep in mind that some winters can be very harsh with deadly sub-zero temperatures.

Dust storms are also so common in Kiev, they may appear during the droughts that occur every few years. However, the most severe ones which need special precautions are the “black storms” that happen sometimes in the hot, dry winds of spring.

Such storms can damage the fields, forests and crops as well as it may remove some layers of the fertile topsoil.

Travel Considerations

With all these changes in weather which range between being mild and severe, Kiev is still considered an attractive destination attracting tourists from everywhere all over the year, but travellers must usually be prepared for travel disruptions especially from snow if they are thinking of a visit in the winter months.


If you are travelling in winter, make sure to pack heavy clothes with gloves and scarfs.

However, if you are travelling in summer, it would be better to be ready for everything, so pack warm clothes, and it would be even better to carry some light jackets as they would be useful in the cooler nights.

Things to do in Kiev this Summer

Almost everyone, especially those with families, wait the first day of summer to start putting their list. A list for all the plans which they wanna do this summer.

For your next summer vacation, I guess you should include few days in Kiev to enjoy that amazing destination with all its locations, beaches, pools and much more.

Would like to know more about the superb things which you can do this Summer in Kiev? Let’s see it now!

 Check these Amazing ideas for your summer in Kiev

1- Visit some amazing beaches & pool clubs

As said before, the summer in Kiev is hot, really hot and the temperature may reach 65- 80 degree and even more. So you can’t visit Kiev without chilling out near the pool, eating icecream, drinking a cold juice, etc.

Kiev is really extraordinary, as it has several really cools places to make your vacation unpredictably fantastic like visiting the City Beach Club, Bora Bora Beach Club and Dnipro river to enjoy your time at Olmeca Plage. located on near the Dnipro river.

Such places are so cool as they offer the tourists the pool and a sandy beach at the same time.

2- Climb on the top of Mother Motherland monument

Kiev also gives you the opportunity to climb on the Mother Motherland monument without being arrested.

Yes, it is true.

A tour operator Beinside Ukraine offers you this activity as a part of their Kiev Soviet tour.

To try this adventure, you have to visit the Mother Motherland monument, then the guide will help you reach the inside of the statue. When you are in, you will move to the shield, on the top of it.

Just stand there( notice that its height is 102 m (335 ft)), and feel the wind softly moves the statue… It is as you moved to another world.

3- Go on a Rafting tour in Kiev

Yes, rafting in Kiev, there is no mistake. Here there are many incredible choices to enjoy the best rafting tours in amazing rivers like Desna river, Dnipro river, Pivdennyi Buh river, Dniester River and others.


4- Ride a Horse

Do you know that riding horses is so exciting and this sport is available in Kiev?

 They raise some beautiful horses there. Just take your friend, partner or family and go to the Kiev Hippodrome to enjoy your time with a friendly, amazing animal!


5- Eat your meal at the summer terrace


You can’t visit Kiev without spending at least one evening at the summer terrace.

In general, most of the citizens in Kiev see that spending time and eating their meal at the open air terraces in summer is a must.

Just imagine the scene: setting in that place watching the sunset as well as the amazing view of the city. Really unforgettable.


6- Trukhaniv Island: The best place to enjoy the sunrise and sunst.

All the guests of the city visit Trukhaniv island in Kiev in summer to meet the Sunrise at least once. In that island, you will discover a secret charm for the view of the sunrise and the sunset, in addition to spending interesting time at its open air restaurants and cafes.


7- Quad Ride

Some of us love extreme adventures, but for those who don’t, you can try the quad ride.

It is amazing, like doing something crazy and safe at the same time, you will really feel like a hero. You will enjoy the thrilling drive and an open road without any borders. Sounds interesting, right?


8- Visit the Festivals in Summer

In Kiev, most the festivals come in summer, especially that Ukraine hosts dozens of music festivals every year and most of them take place in Kiev.

Additionally, you can also enjoy the Holi Festival which is the most colorful day of the year! Kiev hosts the Holi Fest every year without any exception, so you have to come here and color your day.

Moreover, you cammot miss Ulichney Eda festival, which is also called the Street Food Festival “Ulichney Eda” in Kiev. This festival is mainly organized at “Platforma” Creative Factory.

Eventually, you have to remember that the summer vacation comes one time in the year, so you have to just choose the best place to spend it.

 Enlarge your Bucket List and include all these amazing places to enjoy your time.

Things to do in Winter in kiev

If you are one of those people who think that winter is gloomy and boring, and it is not suitable for a vacation, then you have to think again.

Kiev brings to you a ton of fun and different things to do in the winter season with your family and friends.
Whether you prefer to spend relaxed quality time in luxurious hotels and restaurants or

 some fun, enjoyable activities, you can find some interesting winter activities in our list for you to try this winter.


1- Bowling

It is one of the top fun and enjoyable activities which is adored by almost everyone.

When you book to Kiev, check out bowling alleys at CHAMELEON Party Bowling, Bowling Club Cosmopolite at Bolshevik shopping mall, Jambo Bowling and many other popular places.


2- Indoor rock climbing

Due to its cold weather, Kiev has a surprising number of indoor climbing facilities including some amazing indoor rock climbing.

To spend amazing family fun, check out Climbing Gym UP, Tseh, Zillertal and many others.

3- Go to an art exhibition

If you like discovering new things especially arts, you can enjoy spending some time at art galleries in Pinchuk Art Centre, Triptych, etc.


4- Get a massage

Kiev has special places that offer the best massage which you can enjoy all the day. Just search for places like WAI TAI thai massage parlor and Royal Thai Spa.

5- Go shopping

As winter is the time for christmas and presents, you have to do some shopping and buy few gifts and souvenirs for your family. Go gift shopping in Ocean Plaza, Sky Mall shopping mall on Generala Vatutina street, etc.


Your vacation will be unforgettable due to the incredible things to do in Kiev in summer & night. To save these amazing memories,take your camera with you.

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