Is Traveling To Kiev Safe? Stay informed

For many people, the world seems to be much more dangerous place now than it was before. That’s because the hot news nowadays can travel through countries very quickly and among a lot of channels. It became hard to avoid taking care about security alerts and the surrounding events. When you decide to travel to somewhere, you search for all important information about it. The weather, the cost of living, places you can visit, best ways for transportation and food are titles we should look for and know more about them before traveling any country. So stay informed regularly to understand the other cultures to know the best time for traveling to certain country.

Is travelling to Kiev safe?

Kiev is one of the cities that are a world away from danger. If you are asking yourself whether traveling to Kiev is safe, I can tell you that it is not less safe than any other touristic big cities. Actually it may be safer than Paris . Many people like to visit it in April during the Easter time to spend wonderful time; and guess what? you will be less vigilant than being in many other cities.


Additionally, there is an online camera over Kiev major Maidan square in real time, watch it and judge. Kiev is spectacular, people are so friendly and helpful; most of them speak English and the restaurant menus also have English version. Its nightlife is great and food is incredible beside it is inexpensive place to stay.


What people say:

Warlod from Denver: Kiev is very safe city and I enjoyed both day and night there. During the day we went around the city to visit many places. At night we were going to the bar everyday safely.

Emily from Gambrills: Ukraine is great country and Kiev is one of its nice cities. I went three times to Kiev in the last four years, it is very safe. I never felt danger although I am old with white hair and glasses.

Captain Bavery from Las Vegas : I enjoyed my stay there last month and I am going to Kiev next month with my beautiful wife. It is very safe and enjoyable city.

Tom from Canada: I spent last August all over Ukraine alone. Several days were in Kiev with no problems. People there were very helpful; I am looking forward to go again.

Canadabell: Traveling to Kiev is safe as most big cities in Europe. It was great stay there; I enjoyed my visit to this great historical city. Nothing bothered my journey even the language because many people speak English.

Lucapal: I was in Kiev last summer to spend the vacation with my family and no problem. It is absolutely safe; I was alone at night walking in the street with no fear. Once I was at the wrong train platform, one guy took me to the correct place, every time I took buses I found someone to help me.

Paul: It is very safe for solo travel. I traveled to Kiev from UK for business. I was working during the day and have fun at night with no problems.

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