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«Emotions – they are the biggest enemy of heart, even of the healthy heart!» – –joked Mykola Amosov, talking to his colleagues. Who is actually Mykola Amosov?He is talented heart surgeon, doctor and scientist, who saved lives of 1000 patients. He is the first ukrainian doctor, who started to treat heart vices. Amosov was founder of heart surgery clinic and inventor of own methods to operate complicated patients. He is considered as legendary person, author of 400 scientific works, which were republished in USA, Japan, Germany and Bulgaria..

Mykola Amosov was born in December 6, 1913 in village Olkhovo, Volhohrad region, in a very poor family. The boy was brought up by mother, who worked as a midwife and didn’t accept bribes – this was a great example for future surgeon during the whole his life. At 18, he got education of engineer and at 21 he got married. The world wouldn’t know this brilliant heart surgeon, if he hadn’t started to study at Medical institute of Arhangelsk. In 1939 Amosov graduated with big success. What happened next? The war broke out and he took part as a surgeon in a hospital, there he operated over 4000 patients. 1952 the doctor moved to Kyiv, where he spent 49 years of his life. In 40 Amosov defended his doctoral thesis and headed Medical institute of Kyiv. During this time he made plenty of experiments with heart valves (despite of big risks). Owing to these investigations the surgeon made a huge progress in the world of medicine. 1958 Amosov started to collaborate with Institute of cybernetics in the branch of investigations. As his main specialty he chose heart surgery. At 70, talented doctor headed Kyiv’s Research Institute of cardiovascular surgery, which is located on Protrasiv Yar Street, 6. Over 150 masters of sciences and 40 doctors, who take care of human hearts, are working today at Mykola Amosov Institute. During his work he invented many new methods of surgical heart treatment. Life credo of the brilliant surgeon was self-improvement for salvation of human lives. Mykola Amosov died when he was 89.

What kind of person was the famous surgeon? Amosov was very shy and uncompromisingly honest, open and high-toned men. Everyone, who knew this doctor, was very impressed with his penetrating glance, courage and vast experience in the medicine.

Big mission of great heart surgeon is continued now by his daughter Kateryna Amosova, who followed in her father’s footsteps. Amosov was more than a teacher for his students – he was true idol, who appreciated health as the biggest treasure in life of every human!


Kyiv’s Aibolit  





Talented poetess, laureate of international literary prize “Etna-Taormina”(Italy, 1962), doctor of literature at Oxford University (1965), whose creative way started in Kyiv. In Ukraine Anna Akhmatova spent her youth, here she wrote the first poem, studied at female gymnasium and engaged with poet Humyliov. So what kind of story had Anna Akhmatova in Kyiv?

Akhmatova was born in June, 11, 1889 in Odesa, in family of hereditary nobleman. When she was 17, she came to Kyiv for the first time to graduate from gymnasium. In Kyiv Akhmatova rented an apartment on Tarasivska Street, close to the Botanical Garden. Later she joined Saint Olha University of Kyiv. During the first year at university she wrote plenty of poems and visited poetical evenings. At one of those evenings Mykola Humyliov proposed to the poetess and they got married in St. Nicholas Church at river Dnipro. From young age Anna considered herself as religious person, so she visited different churches and cathedrals of Kyiv. In her diaries she described Saint Sophia cathedral and mentioned Kiev-Pechersk Lavra with its bell towers.

There is very interesting story, which Anna mentioned about Kyiv. Once, while she was walking with nanny near the Mariinsky Palace, Akhmetova found a hairpin in the shape of lyre. Than nanny said: “It means that you will be a poetess. So it happened.

After marriage, Akhmetova and her husband left Kyiv and made a trip to Italy and France. This trip had big impact on Anna and her creative work. The greatest moment for poetess was meeting the artist Amadeo Modiliani, who became her very good friend.

Despite of her big talent, her poems were not published since 1924. Only 15 years later appeared one collection of her poems. Destiny of poetess was very tragic. Especially big tragedy happened to her family: to her son and husband. In 1930-40 the whole family was subjected to repressions – husband of Akhmatova was shot, and her son Leo Humiliov was sentenced to 5 years of prison. Akhmetova was not allowed to engage in literature. At 76 poetess died.

Life – it is a risk. Only getting into risky situations, we keep growing. And one of the riskiest situations–it is a risk to love, risk to show your sensitiveness and to have no fear of pain. Anna Akhmetova lived with risk and it influenced her creativeness and story of her life. 


The story of authoress

Akhmatova in Kyiv 




Avicenna from Kyiv 

It is said, that doctor is a medical philosopher, because wisdom and medicine go always hand in hand, and this is a big truth. Oleksandr Bohomolets – a great doctor, who had his own point of view and own answers to any scientific questions. He became a founder of pathophysiology and raised medicine to a new level.

Future doctor was born in Kyiv in May, 12, 1881. He studied at the 1st Kyiv’s gymnasium and graduated with great success, when he was 19. Bohomolets wanted to become a lawyer, that’s why later he joined University of law. After disappointment in law, Oleksandr decided to join medical department and after graduation from university, he became an assistant at the department of pathology.

Why is Bohomolets so important for Kyiv? Here, in the capital, Oleksandr founded a school of pathophysiology, carried out research on the vegetative system, oncology and endocrinology. On his initiative was built Botanical garden near the metro station ‘University’, where a lot of students likes to spend time. He headed the Ukrainian academy of sciences and was head of Institute of Experimental Biology and Pathology. Interesting to know! To have fool concentration, Bohomolets built a house near the Institute on Academic Bohomolets Street, 4, where he lived together with his co-workers. He shook hands with everyone and was very polite in communication. Thanks to his brilliant ideas it was invented new blood transfusion technique, which is still practiced in modern medicine.

In addition to medicine, Bohomolets was also interested in art of longevity. He was the first, who made a census of long-livers from Caucasus: Using historical materials and analyzing their habits, he established a clinic, which dialed with problems of premature aging at the Institute of Gerontology. After creating own empire of medicine, Oleksandr Bohomolets died in 1946, but nowadays his students continue the mission of his life.

A good doctor is the one, who knows the cure of ailments, and if he doesn’t know, he will immediately call someone, who can help. There are no doubts, that Oleksandr Bohomolets was a talented doctor, who turned the concepts of medicine to a new level. All important decisions and experiments were made in the capital of Ukraine. Kyiv became an important part of Oleksandr’s life, which affected the history and destinies of many people.




To have talent in writing – it is the same as to be able to swim under water without choking. Bulhakov’s books are read worldwide. What made this Kyiv’s writer so famous abroad? Of course his works: "Heart of a Dog", "The White Guard", "Days of Turbinny", his novel "Master and Margarita", which are required to be read by students even at Harvard University. He became classic of literature, who was a thinker, artist and critic at the same time. So how was the destiny of Bulhakov in Kyiv?

Future writer was born on May, 3rd 1891 in family of professor and teacher. Bulhakov’s family lived on Vozdvyzhenska Street, 10. After birth of younger sisters, the family moved to a house on Andriyivkiy uzviz, 13, here they lived in 7 rooms. Their house in that times was quiet spacious. Now there is the Museum of Bulhakov, which always attracts a lot of people around the world. What for? All people want to find out, how was the writer’s life here. Also here you can go to the veranda, drink some tea and enjoy the atmosphere of love and education, in which Mykhaylo Bulhakov lived. There was a huge library in the house. The boy read all the time, he fell asleep with the music of Chopin and his mother’s piano. Young Mykhaylo was very talanted, he learned to read and write even before the school. At age of 18, he graduated from the First Kyiv’s Gymnasium and then he joined the Medical Faculty of Kyiv’s University, where he studied for seven years and even worked as the doctor of "Red Cross Society"..

Future writer was born on May, 3rd 1891 in family of professor and teacher. Bulhakov’s family lived on Vozdvyzhenska Street, 10. After birth of younger sisters, the family moved to a house on Andriyivkiy uzviz, 13, here they lived in 7 rooms. Their house in that times was quiet spacious. Now there is the Museum of Bulhakov, which always attracts a lot of people around the world. What for? All people want to find out, how was the writer’s life here. Also here you can go to the veranda, drink some tea and enjoy the atmosphere of love and education, in which Mykhaylo Bulhakov lived. There was a huge library in the house. The boy read all the time, he fell asleep with the music of Chopin and his mother’s piano. Young Mykhaylo was very talanted, he learned to read and write even before the school. At age of 18, he graduated from the First Kyiv’s Gymnasium and then he joined the Medical Faculty of Kyiv’s University, where he studied for seven years and even worked as the doctor of "Red Cross Society". – as a translator and librettist. During this period, he started actively to communicate with Soviet composer Isaac Dunayevsky.

In 40’s the writer had serious problems with health and at 48 he died in Moscow.

A literary work must have unique idea, tested by time to reach the success. Books of Mykhaylo Bulhakov are read through time and are loved by people all over the world.


Kyiv of Bulhakov  






Oleksandr Vertynskyi - artist and composer of unique era. He was adored by elite, he is a memorable image of "professional weeper", who elegantly expressed the mood of the era and perfectly harmonized with the time in which he lived..

The artist was born in March 9, 1889 in Kyiv, in family of lawyer and actress. Interesting to know, that Vertynskyi lived across the Golden Gate on Volodymyrska Street, 43, in the same building, where the editorial office of newspaper "Kyiv’s word" was, and in which father of the artist published his articles.

In the school creativity of artist came to light: Vertynskyi was interested in theater and started to play on the amateur stage. Young artist was repeatedly expelled from school for bad discipline and maybe the fate would have destinate him life of a street boy, but his love to beauty saved him. Occasionally Vertynskyi met creative people, who inspired him and who showed him bohemian habits. "Kyiv’s Pierrot" liked to go to a tavern, where he drank wine in a black trail coat. There he was involved in discussions with local bohemians.

What was the success of Vertynskyi? Perhaps the fact that he took up rather exotic jobs, before he became a star of the stage: he distributed cards, discharged watermelons, as a student he was playing in the theater not for money, but for borshch with meatballs and was inspired by friendship with the talented people of that times.

He earned the popularity with the role of a sad Pierrot, in the image of who he appeared in public in 1915. Comic sufferer, dreamer, who always fly in the clouds - this role is really loved by audience. In addition to singing, he was a wonderful actor and appeared several times in movies. Talented people are talented in everything.

In 1920 the artist emigrated to France. Then he traveled to Germany,Poland and America, visited Shanghai and decided to live some time in China. Vertynskyi toured very extensively. To his concerts came such stars as: Marlene Dietrich, Fedor Chaliapin, Sergei Rachmaninoff and Nikita Baliyev. At age of 68, on the tour in Leningrad artist died.

Life is like a play in a theater, it does not matter how long it lasts, but how well it is played. Vertynskyi played his play flawlessly. 

Pierrot from Kyiv 






It is said, that music of Volodymyr Horovitz inspires the world, gives wings for soul and conduces to great flow of thoughts. He was able to hear and read, but not books - he read the sounds around him. Volodymyr Horowitz – maestro from Kyiv, who became worldwide famous for creative freedom in piano performances. He is the winner of national medal of USA for arts. Horowitz is the protagonist of the film "The last romantic" and a real proud of Kyiv. What is the history of piano king in Kyiv?

Volodymyr was born in Kyiv on October 1st, 1903 in family of an engineer and a pianist. It is known, that his grandfather was a merchant and held very high social positions in Kyiv. He was elected as a director of the Kyiv’s branch of musical society. Father of the future maestro graduated from St. Volodymyr University of Kyiv, and his mother studied at the Music school in Kyiv. Volodymyr Horovitz had three brothers and sisters and all of them followed into the mother’s footsteps: two of them were pianists, one - violinist. At 17, the future pianist graduated from Conservatory of Kyiv, located on Gorodetskoho Street 1-3 / 11. At age 18 he gave his firstconcert in Kyiv and his career began to move rapidly forward: he gave concerts all over the country together with violinist Nathan Milstein.

At 21 Volodymyr Horowitz moved to Germany. At that time, Horowitz was known as virtuoso pianist. With his concerts he traveled through the whole Europe and reached a big success. After that, master of piano married the daughter of the famous Italian bandmaster Arturo Toscanini - Vandi. At 36 he finally moved to the USA with his wife, and 4 years later he got USA citizenship. Interesting is the fact, that in 39 pianist made a charity concert in Carnegie Hall in New York, where he collected 10 million dollars - a record sum for the performance of classical concert.

At 49 Horowitz suddenly announced that he completed a music career and after that he didn’t play for 12 years. Only in 1965 he returned to the stage and began to tour through America and Europe. Horowitz continued to give concerts till the end of his life. At age 86, he died in Milan, where he was buried in family vault of his father-in-law Arturo Toscanini.

In 1995 there was founded Competition for Young Pianists in Kyiv in honor of Volodymyr Horowitz, which is considered as the most promising national project of international level. Music of Volodymyr Horowitz does not need translation into other languages because it is clear to everyone, who has ever listened to it.

King of piano





Michelangelo from Kyiv 

This controversial architect beautified Kyiv with such buildings such as: the Church of St. Nicholas, the famous House of Chimeras, the Museum of Antiquities and Arts, Kyiv’s Kenesa and other objects, which belong to the list of his eccentric creations. How was creative destiny of architect in Kyiv – a city, where he liked to walk through the streets with his monkey and to shock everyone he met?

Vladyslav Gorodetskyi was born on May 23rd, in 1863 in family of Polish noblemen in Sheludko area, Podolia Governorate (now Vinnytsya region). He graduated from school in Odessa and continued education at the Imperial Academy in St. Petersburg. Gorodetskyi wasn’t excellent student, but in drawing and painting he had the highest scores. In 1891 he received a diploma and moved to Kyiv.

In Kyiv he received his first major order for the construction of baron Steiger’s tomb at the Askold grave, project of pavilion for hunters’ community and small orders, which he made for self-promotion. In 19th century buildings of Kyiv suffered from big crisis and Gorodetskyi was the main architect, who rebuilt many buildings in our capital. In addition to creating architectural projects, he showed creative talent in jewelry, created design of costumes for actors of Solovtsov’s theatre, painted watercolor pictures and engravings.

Gorodetskyi was interested in the newest inventions of science and technology. He was the first car owner in Kyiv. He liked to travel and to collect hunting trophies, which he brought from far away and kept them at home. The architect had one more passion - hunting. Gorodetskyi even wrote a book about the trip to Kilimanjaro in Africa, which was adorned by photos - «Diary of hunter. In the wilds of Africa.

After the revolution in 1917 Gorodetskyi immigrated to Poland and never returned to Ukraine again. In memory of his work we have many architectural buildings, which we are proud of and we have a street named in his honor. 





Oleksandr Dovzhenko - Ukrainian director with an impressive list of mastered professions that he had to try in his life. Vast experience broadened his horizons: he was a teacher of natural science and geography, leader of Ukrainian ethnographic choir; he was active in the political life of Kyiv and was known as artist and illustrator of cartoons in newspapers. Over 50 years Film studio of Kyiv is named in honor of Dovzhenko, on his birthday Ukraine celebrates festival of movies. Who is really this man indeed? Let's find out!

Dovzhenko was born on September 10th, 1894, in a big family. He was an excellent student in school and was prone to philosophical contemplation of life. When he was 17, he joined National Pedagogical University of Glukhiv. Not because of love to teaching profession, but because of the big scholarship - 120 karbovanets a year, by that time it was a lot of money: Oleksandr had to think about it because his parents couldn’t give any financial help. Dovzhenko graduated from University 4 years later and started to work as a teacher at school. He taught gymnastics and physics. At age 23, he moved to Kyiv and here he became student of the Kyiv’s Art Academy. In 1923, Oleksandr became a member of the literary association "Hart" and actively wrote various articles and promoted independent Ukrainian art.

How did Dovzhenko become from simple teacher to a successful director? Perhaps it was fate and case. What case? One director needed a trainee on filming a movie and in the right place and at the right time Dovzhenko was there. Was it the fortune? We can say, yes. At this work he became interested in directing and shooting techniques, he began writing scripts. After that, the case finally pushed Oleksandr to his profession of director. On the filming of the movie "Vasya reformer" the main director quitted and Dovzhenko was suggested to complete film. Here he met the operator Danyno Demutskyi, who helped him to continue working on many films.

The first major success brought him the movie "Zvenygora," which can be considered as new concept of director’s work. What was next? Positive articles about him appeared in magazines, his films were shown in Netherlands, Belgium, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, England and USA, he deserved great applause around the world. Oleksandr Dovzhenko is worldwide famous director, who successfully played his ideas on the screen: Movies "Arsenal", "Earth", "Aerohrad" and "Schors".

At age 40, Dovzhenko became head of the Kyiv’s film studio and continued to write scripts. When the war started, the film industry fell into decay and Oleksandr was sent to the front as a correspondent for the newspaper "Red Star", he printed revolutionary articles, which later were prohibited to print. After the war, the director took a few films and in 62 he died.

Movie transforms all of us to the tourists that are looking at someone else's life or their own life on the screen. And in any case good movie should fill our hearts and souls.

The director's course






When we try to find out the secret of millionaires, we don’t need to look at their decision, but on the way which helped them to achieve great success. Zino Davidoff – businessman from Kyiv, who built his own famous around the world tobacco empire. He built all what he had from scratch and was proud of it. This man was worldwide characterized with the words - elegance, seduction, subtle humor and humanism. Now the brand «Davidoff» is known on the whole planet: watches, leather goods, cognac and cigars. How did he build a business empire and achieve such success?

Zino Davidoff was born on March 11th, 1906 in Kyiv. He was the eldest of four children in the family. In Kyiv, his parents worked as vendors of tobacco products. They would probably never even imagine that their eldest son would pick up the idea and make a big fortune in this business. In search for a better life in 1911, the family moved to Switzerland. In Geneva Zino’s parents opened a small tobacco shop. 18 years old boy left school and started to travel. Where? To Latin America. What for? To learn more about the production and marketing of tobacco. In Cuba Zino worked for 2 years on tobacco plantations to learn all the details of the business.

At 24 Zino returned to Switzerland and began to develop family store. Little tobacco shop of Davidoff turned into a big business. How? He began to sell premium cigars in beautiful boxes, loved by all customers. Due to lucky occasion during the Second World War, Switzerland was the only country, which has avoided total defeat. French national delegation addressed a proposal to Zino to keep tobacco stocks of France. In this way, the store has become a shelter for the best varieties of cigars and Zino got customers from all over Europe. Store Profits increased in 5 times. At the same time, Zino wrote several books about proper cigar smoking and luxury brands of Cuban tobacco. Davidoff was a charismatic man; he had friends among celebrities and royal courts, was an excellent dancer and loved life.

At 64 Davidoff sold his successful business to European importer of Cuban cigars for 100 million dollars. Zino was entitled to represent the brand «Davidoff» until his death. At age 87, he died in Geneva.

The slogan of «Davidoff» is “the more you know.” The desired success requires us to stay optimistic and to be professionals, to work as much as we can. Only true work justifies us and it is the only way we become successful.

Tobacco King






The success story of Mila Jovovych in Hollywood is like a fairytale. She rapidly made a career from top model to the actress of big screen, and did not stop at this. She continued to work as designer and singer. Who is she indeed: a deliberate Ukrainian, or a girl, who was at the right time in the right place?

Mila Jovovych was born on December 17th, 1975 in Kyiv, in family of physician and actress. When Mila was 5, her parents moved to United States. The mother wanted her daughter to become an actress, so all the money earned in United States, family spent on teachers of acting, dance and music.

At 11 Mila started a career in modeling and began to pose for glam magazines. In 13 she appeared the first time on the screen, but the real popularity she earned after the film of Luc Besson - "5th Element". Interesting is the fact, that at first the director did not take the young star for the role, because she came to the casting dressed in a strange Alien and on 20 cm high heels. Two weeks later, without makeup, in a white shirt and jeans, Mila saw Besson in the hotel pool. She came and told him: - "Hi! I am that girl, who was dressed weird, and whom you haven’t given the role! "Looking at her, he immediately replied: -"Now I give! "

Mila Jovovych used all creative opportunities: in 19 she recorded her first music album with the group and went on tour in support of it. In the list of model are contracts with major fashion houses of the world. In life experience – are two marriages with directors – first with Luc Besson, then - with Paul Anderson, with whom Mila is raising two children.

To move the mountain, at first, we start to drag small stones from place to place and don’t give up. Our creative Mila Jovovych caught her chance and deservedly received worldwide fame and a fantastic career. We are proud of our talented Ukrainian from Kyiv and remember that work and desire lead us to success.

Beautiful Mila from Kyiv




Brothers Klychko

It is said, that everyone is creator of his destiny. Absolute success of these brothers is legendary – they reached the dream and never give up on it.

Vitaliy and Volodymyr Klychko are world-wide famous legends of professional boxing. Ukrainian boxers and multiple world champions in different categories: Vitaliy is holder of world champion title in kickboxing, world champion in boxing among professionals in version WBO. During his career, he took part in 47 fights, received 45 wins, 41 of them were knockout.

Volodymyr was Olympic champion in the super-heavy weight category in 1996, world champion among professionals in version WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO. During his career he had 65 fights, received 62 wins, 52 of them were knockout.

Vitaliy was born on July 19th , 1971 in village Belovodsk, Kyrgyzstan in family of aircraft colonel. At 14, he moved with his parents and brother to Ukraine. At 17 he graduated from the Kyiv’s school № 69, and then he got education in the Hryhoriy Skovoroda Pedagogical University of Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky, at the same time he seriously devoted himself to boxing. Than he became champion of Ukraine in heavy weight category, won at the World Game of servicemen and became the silver prize winner of the World Cup.

In 2005, Vitaliy completed his boxing career and started his political one instead. First he became leader of the party "Pora-PRP". Then he was elected as deputy of Kyiv City Council.

In April 2010, Vitaliy headed political party "Udar" (“Blow”). Two years later,according to the results of the parliamentary elections, his party became a member of Verkhovna Rada (Supreme Council of Ukraine). In May 2014, he was elected as city council of Kyiv.

Younger brother of Vitaliy – Volodymyr Klychko was born on March 25th, 1976. He started boxing at 13 and 4 years later he has won Europe’s champion title among juniors, he was the champion of Ukraine 5 times. His professional career began in 20, together with his elder brother Vitaliy. They both became fighters of German promotion company «Universum Box-Promotions». Then Volodymyr began a series of battles, in which he had 16 wins. In 1998 he became the holder of WBC International title after winning the fight with Marcus McIntyre and Everett Martin. Over the next several years he wins every fight.

Since 2000 Volodymyr Klychko has begun to defend his titles, which he managed to win. First, in the battle with Derrick Jefferson, then in a duel with Charles Shaffordom. Both fights were held in Las Vegas. During the career, Volodymyr became a world boxing champion in the heavy weight category and continues to fight for the sympathy of viewers around the world.

Brothers Klychko are included in the list of "200 most influential Ukrainians." They made a career of professional boxers, who are known all over the world. On the question: In which city you feel the most comfortable? - They answer simultaneously - Kyiv! Due to travel you realize, how wonderful the climate, culture and traditional cuisine of Ukraine are, and how beautiful and talented Ukrainians are. We treasure every second spent in our home town.




Kyiv’s Gold Fish

Yana Klochkova - Olympic champion, participant of three Olympic Games. She demanded the impossible from herself and got absolute success. She is the sportswoman with the biggest amount of titles in Ukraine, who won five medals. What is the success story of the Kyiv’s goldfish, who has set 50 records?

Yana was born on August 7th, 1982. At age 6 she began to swim. She and her parents probably wouldn’t believe that 7 years later she would become a silver medalist of the European championship in Denmark and would start a successful career. After that she got medals at the championships in Lisbon, Helsinki, Valencia, Hong Kong and Beijing. Then, during the Olympic Games in Sydney, she set world record in distance swimming. When did she have time to train herself and to learn?

First, Klochkova lived in Kharkiv, later she moved to Kyiv to get education. There she graduated from Kyiv National University of Physical Education and Sports. In the capital she was preparing for major championships, constantly practicing, perfecting her speed of swimming. The life of our world champion in professional sport is quite predictable: early get up, exercises, special diet, moving and desire to get the result. Practicing this, she became world champion in swimming. Having won all possible awards and medals, in 2008, Yana Klochkova announced retirement.

What does the Ukrainian world champion today? She is raising her 4-year-old son, she is involved in various social projects, takes roles in advertisings and is engaged in charity, and in her free time she enjoys embroidery.

Exercises can replace any medicine, but no medicine can replace exercises – this is the credo of Yana and therefore she does not leave sports and always is engaged at home or in the gym. The only reasonable way to teach people something - is to provide them with an example. Yana Klochkova - is a good example of successful sportswoman, who knows, how to achieve great goals.





His life is football and everything related with football. If you ask true football fan: "Who is Valeriy Lobanovskyi?" - He will answer - He is a legend! He was a central striker, the best forward of 60’s, an outstanding coach with a hard character of leader. During the career, this player had 258 matches and scored 71 goals. He entered the list of top 50 the best coaches during the last 50 years according to the version of the journal «World Soccer», as well as a list of the best coaches of British newspaper «The Times».

Valeriy Lobanovskyi was born on January 6th, 1939, in Kyiv, where he graduated from Kyiv’s school №39, located in Chervonozorianyi Avenue, 146. At 17 he joined the Polytechnic Institute of Kyiv. And at 16 Lobanovsky started to play in the team “Dynamo.” From this moment his career began to rise. In his list are such football teams as "Dynamo Kyiv" Odessa’s "Chornomorets" and Donetsk’s "Shakhtar.”

At 30 Valery Lobanovskyi started his coaching career. He was offered a job in Dnipropetrovsk’s team "Dnipro." He led the team to the highest league. Then he coached "Dynamo Kyiv" and the team got such titles as: Champions of Ukraine, holders of the Cup of Ukraine and holders of USSR Cup. Lobanovskyi also coached teams of UAE (1990-1993) and Kuwait (1994-1996). From January 1998 to December 2001 Lobanovskyi coached main football team of Ukraine.

On football match in Zaporizhzhya to Lobanovskyi happened stroke and five days later - in May, 13, in 2002 – he died. In 2002, the stadium of FC "Dynamo" on Hrushevskoho Street, 3 was named in honor of Valeriy Lobanovskyi.

During the career, Valeriy gained a reputation of coach, who combined the organizational skills and coaching talent. Lobanovskyi applied the method of interval training and always guided by the principle: to play football only with one trump is impossible, we need to use everything - technique, tactics, physical and functional training – it is the only way to get a good result. Methods of Lobanovskyi’s training are copied and admired by such worldwide famous coaches as Marcello Lippi and Enzo Beardzot.

About his profession Lobanovskyi said: "The coach definitely must understand the football business, but this is only one side of the coin. The other side - he must understand not only the soul of the game, but the human soul as well - and this is how I motivate myself! "

Football virtuoso






It is said that singing is the shortest way to the feelings and emotions of human. Maria Litvynenko-Volgemut – Kyiv’s legend of opera singing. She was the first soloist of Ukrainian Drama Theater of Sadovskyi (the first travelling theater of Ukraine). She had very strong and clear voice with a very wide range of two octaves. In her career, she had 80 parties and she was considered as the best performer of Wagnerian repertoire with real Ukrainian tonality.

Future opera singer was born on February 1st, 1892 in Kyiv. Since childhood she showed her talent. At 7 she started to sing in the church choir and to participate in Ukrainian amateur performances. In Kyiv she joined music school, which is known today as Glier Institute of Kyiv, located on Leo Tolstoy Street, 31. At 20 she graduated from music school. What happened next? And then her career started to rise: a few years she was soloist in the Musical drama theater of Sadovskyi. At 22, in Petrograd, she began to play at Musical Drama Theater, later she sang at the Kyiv’s Opera House. Together with producer Les Kurbas, Maria Litvynenko-Volgemut organized theater of Ukrainian musical drama, which lasted 2 years. At 27 years began to sing in Vinnitsya in the company of Ukrainian artists. Together with the troupe Maria Litvynenko-Volgemut toured extensively in many cities of Ukraine, including Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava, Kryvyi Rih, Sumy, Zaporizhzhya and mastered her talent.

As the best performer of Wagner’s repertoire, Maria Litvinenko-Volgemut became famous chamber soloist. She performed her part from the classical repertoire and traveled to the western front during the World War. To support the battle spirit, she performed parts for wounded soldiers in hospitals. At 57 she managed to star in the movie "Zaporozhian beyond the Danube".

During her life, Maria Litvynenko-Volgemut received many titles, such as: Honored Artist of Ukraine, National Artist of the USSR, received the Medal for Labour prowess and thousands of applause from adoring listeners. At 74 opera singer died.

It is said that singing and music are a universal bridge, which overcomes barriers of culture, age and language - and it is the truth. Human life is a path from one point to another and in between these points human lives in search of harmony. Maria Litvynenko-Volgemut found her harmony in singing that made this world incredibly beautiful.

Kyiv’s diapason 




Phenomenon of Kyiv’s ballet master

Many critics tried to unravel the success of Serge Lifar. It’s unbelievable how he became an incredible ballet master, starting to dance too late as for professional of this class– in 14. What was the way of the man, who transformed from unpromising dancer to star of the ballet?

Serge Lifar was born in Kyiv on April 2nd, 1904. At age 18, almost without money, he moved to Paris for his purpose. What purpose? To become the most prominent ballet artist!

In everyone’s life there is at least one fateful meeting that changes life essentially. Such kind of meeting took place also in Serge’s Lifar life - with Bronislava Nizhynska in Paris. At first, she was a mentor of future ballet star, but she didn’t believe in him and considered him as not capable of anything, but hard work on his personality and grueling training 8 hours a day gave a successful result. Later Serge met Serhiy Dyaghilev, who helped the young talent to become a star of "Russian Ballet".

Since 1929 Serge Lifar's career took a new level, he became choreographer and the head of Paris Opera as main ballet master. Lifar invented his own methods to inspire the ballet troupe, he gave trainings and workshops, he told the artists his secrets of mastery. Lifar triumphed! The audience loved him and colleagues considered him as an enchanting, bright and intelligent person, he was a wonderful storyteller and a great dreamer.

Lifar's greatest work was the ballet "Icarus" in 1935 – a dramatic play in neoclassical style that became classics of ballet. As a creative person Lifar enjoyed collecting books, ballet costumes and beautiful things of antiquity. Despite the large earnings, Serge didn’t have own house and he liked to stay at hotel. The choreographer was always indifferent to money; he worked for big ideas and creativity, spent all his earnings to charity and helped friends, who were in trouble. Lifar didn’t save money for a rainy day.

On December 16th, 1986, he died in Switzerland in Lausanne. And there is interesting engraving on his tomb: "Serge Lifar from Kyiv".





There is no need to be modest; we are not as grand as we think! - Said Golda Mayr. Who is this person from Ukraine? This person was one of two women, who signed the Independence declaration of Israel, she was ambassador and Minister of Foreign Affairs, and later she was leader of the government, which spoke the Hebrew. Golda Mayr dedicated her life to fighting for the rights of Jews, but her history began in Kyiv.

On May 3rd, 1898, in family of a carpenter and his wife a girl Golda was born. The family lived in Kiev, on Baseyna Street, near the Bessarabian Square. Future Prime Minister had seven siblings, but only two of them survived: an older and younger sister. When Mayr was 5, her family emigrated from Kyiv to the United States.

Since childhood Golda Mayr showed talent of a leader. When she was 11, she voiced her first public speech: she gathered Association of young sisters by herself and organized a mass meeting in the school in order to support poor classmates, who couldn’t afford to buy books for learning; Golda could not afford books as well. After the meeting, there was collected money for buying required number of schoolbooks. At 18 she left school and joined the Teachers' College. Golda Mayr was interested in politics from youth. At 20 she has become one of the leading activists of the Palestinian socialists, she organized agitation tour for this political party in America. When Mayr was 23, she married, and her family moved to Israel. Here, the future prime minister gave birth to two children.

Rapid career began with an offer. What kind of offer? Invitation from women's council to Jerusalem to become a secretary. Then there was the election of delegates to the World Zionist Congress. At 34 she became secretary of the women pioneers’ organization in USA. After Israel was declared as an independent state, Golda was first Ambassador of Israel and took post of the minister. The whole her life she actively fought for peace in the Middle East. At 76 she completed her career in politics and began to write her memoirs "My Life." Gold Mayr died in Jerusalem when she was 80.

To question where Golda Mayr took power and desire to act, he replied: "Pessimism - it is a luxury that Jews can’t afford. If I hadn’t learn to be strong, I would have given up, but I survived!

Peace fighter






He is the artist from Kyiv and innovator, whose pictures cost from hundreds of thousands to millions of pounds. He is creator, whose vision of beauty became famous worldwide. He is the founder of the avant-garde, the author of the famous "Black Square" and a true connoisseur of beauty - who is he indeed, our unique artist from Kyiv?

Kazymyr Malevych was born on February 11th, 1878, in Kyiv and was the eldest of 14 brothers and sisters. Father of the writer worked as manager at sugar factory and his mother was a housewife. His artistic creativity started from a present of his parents – canvas and a set of colors. Than he started his studies at Mykola Pymonenko Art school of Kyiv. Later he met the painting "wanderers" and made his first paintings and sketches. After marriage Kazymyr Malevych moved to Kursk with his wife. To feed the young family, a few years he had to deal with undesirable jobs, but in his free time he always drew. His thirst for knowledge and for beauty rose and in 1905 Malevich moved to Moscow. Here he took private lessons in painting and improved his skills. He tried to exhibit his paintings at art societies, where he very skillfully combined the principles of Cubism, Futurism and Expressionism. He participated in exhibitions such as: "Jack of Diamonds" and "Donkey tail."

In 1915 at the exhibition of innovators in St. Petersburg there was represented the famous "Black Square" – a picture, which made its creator world-wide popular. A year later he published his magazine «Supremus». At 41he began to teach at the Vitebsk Art School, and later became director of the Institute in Leningrad. At 49 he returned to Kyiv, where he published articles on artistic subjects in the magazine "New Generation". At the same time he taught at Art Institute of Kyiv, located on Voznesinnya descent, 20. Since the beginning of repressions in Ukraine he moved again to Leningrad. At age 57 the artist died.

Abstract thinking of Malevych inspired many creators of modern architecture, design and everyday art. Kazymyr Malevych's works have become classics of the 20th century and today they are still admired. We are very proud of this worldwide famous artist, who was born in Kyiv.

Kyiv’s avant-gardist Malevych 




Who is Irene Nemirovsky? Forgotten genius of French literature or self-confident daughter of Ukrainian bourgeois? In 2005 the book of Irene Nemirovsky "French Suite" was awarded with the literary prize Renodo, which surprised literary circles. For the first time in its history this award was given posthumously.

Irene Nemirovsky was born in Kyiv, on February 24th, 1903 in family of banker. In 1919 the family moved from Kyiv to France and young lady started wealthy bourgeois life: she visited dance events, dinners and balls and didn’t lose any opportunity to spend time in public. However Irene always had time for literature and writing small stories, which she published in various magazines. Literary acknowledgement she got after writing the book "David Holder."

Probably life and work of writer would have been totally different, if the war didn’t started. In 1940, with the invasion of German troops in France, already married Irene took her daughters into the small town Issy-Levek. She and her husband returned to Paris. In the capital she was not allowed to publish her works because of her Jewish roots, however Nemirovsky continued to write. In July 1942 Irene was caught by French gendarmes and was taken to the prisoner’s camp, where after a few months she died.

After several decades, the daughters of Irene decided to publish her manuscripts. In such way there was released a new novel. In the interview the daughter of writer, Dennis, said: "The fact that the "French Suite" is read by people, is allegedly returning my mother to life." Some people leave great memory after themselves. Our Ukrainian French had also unbelievable story of her life, that made her famous all over the world.

The novel "French Suite" has deserved the title of "World bestseller, translated in 38 languages.” In 2014 the book was filmed in Hollywood. A huge success? – We can say - yes!


The Kyiv French woman





It is said that the best city is the place, where we succeed. Kyiv became a place of success for Constantyn Paustovskyi - our Ukrainian author, who became famous around the world. His works are considered as classics of literature, he is known for his stories about nature for children's audience. He has won the Polish literary award Vlodzymezha Petshaka. There was founded a museum, named in honor of Constantine Paustovskyi, on Kotsyubinskogo Street, 12 b. Life story of the writer is worthy to know. How was he, our Kyiv’s Andersen?

On May 31st, 1892 the writer was born in Moscow. When Constantyn was 6, his family moved to Ukraine, to Kyiv. Here his father got a job as a clerk of railway road service. In Kyiv the family lived first on Chapaeva Street, and then they moved to Mykolsko-Botanichna Street. It is known, that name of the writer’s family is concerned with name of Hetman Sagaydachnyi. At 12 Paustovskyi joined the First Kyiv’s Gymnasium. Today there is located yellow building of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, on Taras Shevchenko Boulevard, 14. Then, 8 years later the writer graduated from the school.

At 20, when the story "On the water" was finished, Constantyn Paustovskyi assigned it to the editor of the newspaper "Lights.” After editor’s review the story was released. In the same year he joined National University of Kyiv and chose the department of history and philology. The writer studied here for several years and worked giving tutoring lessons. Later, Constantyn decided to study at University of Moscov. When the World War started, he interrupted his studying and started to work on sanitary train. A few years later after victory in the war, Paustovskyi returned to Kyiv. Then he decided to travel to the Caucasus, Georgia and Armenia. Later, impressions of these places were included in the descriptions of his future books.

  At 31 Constantyn Paustovskyi became editor of magazine "Growth" in Moscow. There he published his narrations. To the list of the writer we can add his experience as a journalist, he worked as a correspondent in many newspapers such as "The Truth," "On watch", "Our achieve "," 30 days ". During his life Paustovskyi was acknowledged as great writer and journalist, he gave his lectures around the world and traveled with them to countries such as Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Sweden, Greece and Czechoslovakia. At age 76 he died.

It is said, that reading a good book is a conversation with the best people of past times. Books of Constantyn Paustovskyi are very sincere conversation with Kyiv’s past.

Andersen from Kyiv






Igor Sikorsky was a person, who raised world aircraft to a new level. With his ideas he invented new quick helicopter, the safest engines and new models of aircraft structures. He was the one, who made a huge contribution to the development of the Navy and is considered as its founder. Sikorsky embodied things, which at the time seemed to be unreal, his machines began to fly. How did our genius from Kyiv get success and worldwide fame?

Sikorsky was born in Kyiv, on May 25th, 1889, in the family of the famous psychiatrist. He studied at the 1st Kyiv’s Gymnasium. The family lived on Yaroslaviv Val Street, 15. It was here in the courtyard of his house in Kyiv, where the student Sikorski finished collecting his first helicopter. It was completely ready to use, but it didn’t take off. One year later, Igor completed his air construction with his friend from Polytechnic University of Kyiv. Students constructed studio of experiments. Where? On Kurenivka aerodrome, where Igor built his first plane, a small biplane- BiS - 1 and it took off for the first time in 1910. But the real success was the airplane - C5. With this plane he passed the exam for the title of the pilot and set four records.

At 23 Igor was offered a job of constructor at the factory and he moved to St. Petersburg. Here he succeeded: under his leadership there were produced new planes, biplanes and monoplanes that were admired by public and professionals of aircraft. At that time, it was a great step forward. Sikorski had on one of his planes a very risky flight from St. Petersburg to Kyiv and back.

In 1918 Sikorsky emigrated to USA. There he had to work as evening teacher for several years. Later, with the famous pianist Rachmaninov, he returned to aircraft, received 5000 dollars and bought several engines, rent hangar for machines and founded his own company. He created a series of machines with a record flight range. At Sikorsky fell orders and the glory of the best aircraft constructor.

At age 83 Igor Sikorsky died. How was he? A man of medium height, with a soft manner of conversation, had very fit body. He loved mountain climbing and traveling, conquered the peaks of Canada and America. During his lifetime he was honored with many awards, but the most important thing for him was - gratitude of the people, who extensively used his machines.

Helicopter’s father






It is believed, that voice is the human’s soul. Anatoliy Solovyanenko was a tenor with incredible voice, who reached the highest peaks of world fame. He was vocalist of the Kyiv’s Opera and sang in the best theatres of the world, including Milan’s “La Scala” and New York’s “Metropolitan Opera”. He is honored artist of Ukraine, master of 17 opera parts. Solovyanenko was known in Japan, Romania, Australia and Canada, but his way to success started in Kyiv. So how was the history of our ukrainian Luciano Pavarotti?

Anatoliy was born in September, 25 in 1932 in miner’s family. His parents lived in Donetsk. Here Solovyanenko went to school and graduated from Institute of Polytechnics. After that he worked as a teacher at the department of engineering geometry, but at the same time he intensively proved his vocal skills, learned from the vocalist of Donetsk opera theatre O. Korobeychenko. When he was 30, he took part in a contest in Moscow, where he won an opportunity to learn at “La Scala” theatre in Milan and there he stayed during 6 months. There he mastered Italian style of singing, sang classic opera parts and learned to speak Italian fluently.

In 31 Anatoliy Solovyanenko was invited to the National Opera of Ukraine in Kyiv, which is located on Volodymyrska Street, 50. Solovianenko’s adherents, who love sad romances performed by him, consider tenor of soloist as very lyrical and penetrating. Anatoliy Solovyanenko took part in plenty of concert tours abroad and traveled through the whole Europe.

During his singing career he was honored with many rewards and titles: at 35 he got title of honored USSR artist, than – title of national artist and the Lenin Peace Prize. He got sympathy of many adherents all over the world and respect of such great singers as Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti. In Kyiv, next to the house, where one of the best tenors lived, there was placed Anatoliy Solovyanenko’s monument on Instytutska Street, 16.

Solovyanenko died, when he was 66.

Ease, lightness and emotional penetration – these were the most important principles of great Anatoliy Solovyanenko’s voice. The art demands full devotion – this was a golden rule of Anatoliy Solovyanenko, whose talent is big example for many singers of modern times.

Kyiv’s tenor









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