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Kyiv Metro is an indispensable mode of transport in the city. It is especially popular for its speed, regularity of trains and the uniqueness of each station. An interesting fact is that the deepest station in the world is laid here. “Arsenalna” is a belowground station (105, 5 meters) which was opened in 1960.

Kyiv Metro connects the left and right bank of the city and carries out transportation of 50% passengers of the city passenger traffic. It has 52 operating stations that have unique decorations, three lines and thus 3 transfer hubs.



Operating Hours and Metro Frequency


Kyiv Metro operates daily from 5.30 a.m. till midnight. During some holidays or huge events carried out in the city, metro can operate longer than usually depending on the event itself. Sometimes the frequency of the metro cars can reach 1 minute during peak hours and 10 minutes – during off hours.


Metro Fare


The ride is paid by tokens and contactless cards when entering the metro. A single ride costs 4 UAH regardless of destination and time spent in the metro. Tokens can be bought from cashier or automatic exchange machines at all stations.

Travel cards for unlimited rides for one or half of a month can be purchased from cashier at all stations.

Travel cards for limited rides can be purchased from cashier and recharged at the cash-desk or by using a terminal.

Cost of one-month travel card: 95 UAH
Cost of half-month travel card: 48 UAH
Travel card for limited rides: 7 UAH (only a plastic card).



+38 044 537 55 05
Lost and found: +38 044 238 43 13






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